RE voice mail 
Saturday, August 16, 2008, 03:50 AM - A new sound
Today I set up my voice mail on my land line and mobile. I was not sure if I would be able to hear the messages but it was the first time I had ever heard my own voice. It was bad enough to make my eyes water and I cringed. I sounded very different from how I thought I sounded!

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RE Steam Trains 
Friday, June 13, 2008, 10:20 PM
I stood near the tracks and a steam train thundered past and I could not belive the powerful sounds it was making. I could hear the steam hissing, the horn tooting and the wheels turning back and forth. The clatter the tracks made as the carriages moved across them. So many different sounds to hear.

It felt like this was the first time I had heard a steam train and all I could think was "I can see why people were frightend of it when it was first seen way back in the 1800's. It shock the ground as it went pass, and the wind forced me back.

I loved every minute.

We went on a steam train when we visited USA, back in 2005 and I could not hear that as well. So it looks as though my ability to seperate sounds has improved.

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RE Pop Rocks popping candy 
Sunday, June 1, 2008, 01:30 AM
As a child I dearly wanted to be able to hear the crackle of pop rocks candy. All my friends would tell me how cool it was, yet I could never share the expereince.

Today I took my partner to an oldy wordly sweetie shop and we brought some pop rocks candy. I sprinkled it on my tounge and I could feel it frizzing - but no matter how hard I tried I could not hear it.

My partner put some on his tongue and held it to my ear :eek: the popping sound was amazing!!!!!! :clap::kiss:

It sounds even better than frizzy drinks.... ah life is good.


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RE Spam 
Friday, April 11, 2008, 11:34 PM - Assessment
I have been getting spam!

A load of links were left the comments section and I got 361 views!

To all the scumbags who left spam on my blog - did you really think I would not notice? I get alerted whenever anyone leaves a comment


I also recived a few emails - one was very odd as it was not a real email address but had a few questions

On Monday, April 7, 2008, 08:02 PM, Ann McKenna wrote:

I found you page on the internet, I live in South Africa but my grandaughter lives in the UK, her name is Candyshe is 15 in May, she has been hard of hearing since birth and they say she is loosing her hearing compleatly in the one ear, she is a candidate for cochelear implats she has been through all the couselling and will be ready to have the opperation soon but she is getting very nervous and says she does not want the opperation now, she is so worried about it.
I would like to know have you been deaf since birth of just hard of hearing? I would like to know if you are happy about having the opperation and if you knew then what you know now would you still have it done? I thought maybe that is she heard from someone who has have the opperation it might help her. I think it will change her life, she has become very withdrawn and never wants to go out, children at school are very cruel to her and she seems not to have friends.I hope that maybe you can put my mind at rest that convincing her to have the opperation is the right thing to do.
It would be nice to hear from you.
Regards Ann McKenna

My answer to this is:-

I was profoundly deaf from 7-28 I started loosing my hearing at age of four. If you read my blog I think you will find I am very happy with the outcome. Perhaps your granddaugther will find it useful to read it too?

However, it has to be her choice. I have been told that young people who do not want the implant do not do as well as people who really want the implant.

When it is first switched on, it does not sound very good. It takes hard work to make the brain learn to hear again. If your granddaughter is not ready for this, then it may be that when she is older she will be. I could of had the implant much sooner had I choosen to - but I did not want it either.

Your granddaughter may find it helpful to speak to a professional or consultant about her fears and concerns. There is no reason why she can't put the operation on hold until she is ready.

I hope this helps

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telephone woes 
Sunday, March 16, 2008, 06:34 PM - General
I have been having difficulty hearing our internet phone. I can hear the person talking - but I cannot work out the words they are saying. Making the volume louder does not help make the words clearer - so its not the volume that is the problem.

I played about with the settings to see if it was any better and I found that setting two (quite mode) on T helps. So it may be that I have to change the settings while using the phone after all.

We tried using the phone on the land line rather than on the internet, but I dont think it made much difference. Maybe the sound quality in Australia is different to the UK?

Using the mobile on setting one with no T works great - I can hear it really well if I am in a quite place.

Unfortuntley my mobile broke and has now been sent of for repairs. My partner has the upgraded model of mine, but I can't hear as well on that one.

I might hunt out the clamshell mobile I had before I moved to Australia because I could hear ok on that.

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Re Stand clear of the doors! 
Thursday, February 28, 2008, 11:46 PM - General
I was in the lift today and for sometime I have clearly heard it say ping! Going up / going down.

It sturnly told me to "stand clear of the doors today!"

Then I heard the guy next to me say jeeze they sound so american don't they.... See! I knew it had an accent which was not Australian!


I was looking through my old blog and thinking about the new blog and I suddenly realised its been two years and 8 months since my first implant. Which means I forgot to celebrate its second birthday! It also means come June 30th it will be three years old.

Its like watching a child grow and develop, they go from tiny and new to suddenly being able to run. You take a moment to look back, and you think jeeze has it really been that long?

Last night we watched a documentry on:

Soul Deep: The Story Of Black Popular Music: The Sound Of Young America. This episode was about Motown's golden age from 1959 - 1967.

Jackie" Wilson singing "Lonely Teardrops" was one of the amazing things I have ever heard. His voice (and body) just oozed sexy and this was in 1958!

My heart is cryin, cryin
Lonely teardrops
My pillows never dry of
Lonely teardrops

I've always been aware that "the blues" never did it for me. I could not get on with the sound even after the processor was switched on. Much to my disapointment because I really wanted to enjoy it.

I never realised that it was actually soul music or Rhythm and Blues I was looking for and I have always loved the sound of bass.

Off the subject but still on the subject of music

James showed me a song the other day which I really liked. Its very much influenced by australian culture. I will have to ask him what it is called and who it is by.

Edit: it was called "blow up the pokies" by the Whitlams. Its such a soft song with piano and violins and I really love it.

And I wish I, wish I knew the right words
To make you feel better, walk out of this place
and defeat them in your secret battle
Show them you can be your own man again

Apparently the Australian Govenment approved these slot machines as a way to generate money which was then used to improve the public transport system.

Along these lines about music I like. The song "I was only 19" haunts me. It was written by an austrlian John Schumann. I first heard it when I was a 18 year old student in the UK and I was too young and too imature to understand the singifcance of it or understand the australian referances.

The referance to "And why the Channel Seven chopper chills me to my feet?" meant nothing to me until I came to Australia. Seeing and hearing the chopper for the first time sent a shiver down my spine as I realised what it meant. Its enough to make one cry.

And can you tell me, doctor, why I still can't get to sleep?
And why the Channel Seven chopper chills me to my feet?
And what's this rash that comes and goes, can you tell me what it means?
God help me, I was only nineteen.

I tend to like music that tells a story or has a meaning. I dont have any particular fav artist - I just have a lot of songs that I like.

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RE no news is good news 
Monday, February 25, 2008, 09:54 PM - General
Don't ya just hate it when people say gosh sorry I have not posted on my blog for a while but its been so busy!

Well :ooer: to be honest there has not been much to report on the hearing side of things.

I have been thinking about a blog for the asessment on my right ear rather than posting it in this blog as it might get to confusing.

Here is the link to my second ci implant blog

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RE Blowing Raspberries 
Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 10:47 PM - A new sound
The other day my partner blew a raspberry in my ear :ooer: without my implant and I heard it :eek:

I remember when I was about 14-16 and I got my brother to shout as loud as he could in both ears and I could not hear any thing. We also tried turning the TV up with me pressed against the TV, and again I heard nothing.

My partner shouted in the other ear which does not have an implant and I head him say very clearly that he loved me. I could have guessed some of the words I suppose - but the fact I got it any where near correct is amazing.

I think once the hearing parts of the brain get woken up and used on a regular basis somehow the hearing improves on both sides and better hearing results.

I have noticed that when my battery goes in the processor side, although robotic I can hear with out lip-reading on the hearing aid side. Although no where as good as a processor, for the few moments it takes to change three batteries it keeps me in the loop.

Since moving to Australia I have tried to take a walk most days to explore. Itís very difficult to understand everyone at the moment. I come from a part of the UK which is almost predominantly British white. I am now living in a very multicultural city - I guess which would be similar to London perhaps with a very large oriental ( they call them Asian here (!) a label we use for Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.) They use the term to cover Japan, China, and similar places. It gets a bit confusing! Although Australia does not seem to have a big African population, it does have a large Greek, Turkish, and Jewish community.

However, my point was due to this rich diversity of people, you get some interesting combinations of dialect and language mixed with a strong Australian accent on top of their home accent! It makes it very very heard to understand the spoken word sometimes. Australians speak completely differently too, I think they miss the end of words. As I always seem to hear the first part but never the end:eek:

I kidded myself that moving to a country which is mainly English spoken would be easier. Bah! Silly me! Still in a few months I will be looking for work so hopefully I will be better at understanding people even if I donít know what the hell they are talking about!

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RE A trip to the immigration museum 
Saturday, August 25, 2007, 02:00 PM

We went to the immigration museum today and I was unprepared for the emotion it would cause me. It was probably one of the best museums I have been too, plenty to read, pitchers and props of peoples belongings and ordinal passports. History on how things got started like for incense Myer which is a massive big mall like the house of Fraser or John Lewis came about when a guy Sidney Myer and his brother opened the first Myer store in Bendigo, Victoria in 1900.

Myer was born in Kritchev, Russian Poland (now Belarus), the son of a storekeeper of Jewish origin. He migrated to Melbourne in 1899 to join his brother, Elcon, with little money and poor English not that this stopped him from selling his wears clearly he did very well.

Sidney Myer migrated with his family to Australia and sold his wears from a suit case door to door, and decided to open a shop, it was one of the first shops that allowed women to touch the products which were lace, and undies and other bits and bobs that ladies like most. Not surprisingly it did well and developed into one of the biggest chains of clothes shop around. Further searching on good old Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia states that he was a very kind man who gave a lot back to Australian people and developed a foundation to help others.

The museum is full of stories like this, for example there was one about a couple who left their country and the guy was rather worried about his wife as she was leaving her parents and family behind. Together with another guy they built a weaving machine out of wood on the promise that his wife would weave the material needed for the other guyís fiancťe for her wedding dress. Its in the museum this weaving machine, it was built out of love, and it was used up and till she died, she passed the skills on to her own children, a little bit of culture and history and a love story that will last for ever.

(I will get the names and details next time I go as itís such a big museum that itís impossible to take it all in at once)

One of the reasons I liked being there so much is because the video was subtitled so I was made to feel much a part of it as any one else. The other reason was because they showed how the inside of what the ship would have looked if you were sailing to Australia in the late 1800 to 1920ís. It made me think of my partnerís great grandmother who sailed across in a ship with her husband, she kept a diary and as I walked round the living quarters of that ship I could hear her words in my head.

It made me think about my own journey to Australia and how the immigration rules have changed a lot since 1900; the process to get in to the country then could not be more different now. Comparing my passport to passports on display in the cabinets and looking at the visas that were granted I can imagine the relief and joy that they must have experienced when finally getting on that ship Ė especially in times of crisis and war.

I have a lot to learn about Australian history!

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RE New sounds! 
Friday, August 10, 2007, 12:07 AM - A new sound
:clap: Today I tried our intercom door thingy for the first time and I heard it fine so I could buzz someone in. *phew* that will save me going down nine floors everytime the door goes.

I also answered the mobile in the car coz my partner was driving at the time, although it was difficult to hear I could make out some of the simple things he was saying. Ideal if I have to call emgerency services and its a noisy enviroment!

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