Using the phone and another first 
Monday, August 7, 2006, 02:19 PM
Using the phone for work is hard work. The computers are old so I have to sit quite a way from it so I do not get the feedback. Other people chatting on their phones means I have to listen harder.

Otherwise its a blessing to be able to use the phone, its quicker and easier than typetalk. Most of the time people dont even know I am deaf if its a quick to the point call. There have been a few occassions where we both have got confused and I have said "I'm sorry I am actually hard of hearing can we start again?" and its been fine.

The only pain is most people try and answer their phone in two to three rings and it takes me about five rings to change the settings on the processor before I can answer it! I guess I could say "Hello this is zoe tomlin calling, can you please hold one second."

One of my work mates is sight impaired and he was running late today for various reasons and asked if anyone could drop him off at the train station. Normally I would bulk at offering to do this if it was in a area where I did not know where I was going as I am quite a nervous driver. But I volunteered, as it happends he gave very good directions and because the implant is on my left - I could hear him very well. We got there with no problems and I was almost bursting with pride!

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The crowds roared 
Sunday, August 6, 2006, 02:25 PM
Coming home from plymouth today we stopped in ASDA which is next to the football arena. James wound the window down and said listen can you hear that? It was not until I actually strained my ears to listen for a sound that I head the crowd cheer as their team scored. I have never heard this sound before and I was quite moved by it. It made me laugh when I heard 500 people cheer, gasp, sigh and boo! all at once where their team was robbed a goal.

I can understand now how when someone says the crowd roared - what that acutally sounds like. :ahh:

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Today my brother passed in with the Navy 
Friday, August 4, 2006, 02:15 PM
It was a proud day for us as my brother has passed in with the Navy.

Apart from the fact we sat on the wrong side of the display we did get some very good photos of Rob marching.

There were several speeches and prayers for the brave lads and lasses. Overal I would say I got about 50% of this. There was also a video which I got about 50-60% and general chats and speeches which I got about 30%.

For me, personaly I think its amazing as normally I would get about 0-2% of everything and would rely on my partner to lip speak the day for me which is very tiring for us both.

There were still communiucation breakdowns as it was so busy and confusing and the long walk that I thought was taking us to have our photo taken was actually to go and have a look at the Mess Room which was not quite what I had in mind!!

Still we are very proud of Robin and it was a lovely day.


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RE Sea Gauls 
Thursday, August 3, 2006, 02:25 PM
Today I correctly identified the sound of seaguals! They are really loud and bossy!:eek:

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Re My best mates birthday party 
Saturday, July 29, 2006, 02:12 PM

It was a real test today as it was my best mates birthday. There must have been over 25-30 people and I only knew six of them! Normally I would stick to the people I knew like glue and hardly say a thing to any one new because its to hard and I tend to hog one person as its easier to lipread someone I know.

I had the added bonus of being able to lipread conversations that were not directed at me, as well as taking part in conversations with people I did not know. I thought I heard quite a bit more than I normally would.

All in all it was a great day :clap: Happy birthday Debbie! :ooh::kiss::cheers::wiggle:

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Re Today I had to go to court 
Friday, July 21, 2006, 03:27 PM
Well today I had to go to court. :eek:

In the past went I have gone to court I have not been able to follow what is going on. More recently before I had the implant I could not even hear the Judge :sad: It was pointless for me and I really needed a note taker which is expensive and time consuming to get hold off. Sometimes I used to pass the buck to the court and respectfully request them to organise something for me :lol: Most of the courts are old and do not have the screens that American seen to have were a speed typist writes down everything thats said and it is turned into text for the person to read.

Anyway, as I was saying I went to court today and I sat behind the solictor. Although she was faced away from me I got almost everything she said. I could hear the Judge if I listend carfully but then she spoke very softly so it was pretty amazing I got what she said.

My only problem was I was not always aware who was going to speak as no one made it clear who they were directing their questions at. And I needed to turn towards the sound so that I could hear more clearly.

This is a pain because I end up twisting myself so that the sound is directed at my processor which is on my left.

I really can see the vaule of having two! Maybe one day I will be able to do this we will have to wait and see.


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RE Phone at work 
Tuesday, July 18, 2006, 04:41 PM
I made quite a few calls today and its so much easier!!! I think it must have been a faulty processor as now things sound really sharp. clear and as they should.

when using the phone I have told some people that I am hard of hearing and they have been very good with repeating things for me - although its not often needed.

The phone seems quite loud and very clear and its easy to use but I feel self concious using it!

I felt quite proud of my self! It made me smile all day.

I closed the window, shut the door, took a deep breath, tried to gather my thoughts and then turned my setting on to 3T. Then someone walked in and asked me a question and I had to turn it back on to setting 1!:uh:

There are some limitations to all these settings, they are not something where you can do a quick change! Each one likes to flash on and off and settle before moving to the next setting :eek: if you get to impaitent then it doubles up and you end up on a setting you really did not want, and have to start the whole progress again! (give me a wheel any day)


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RE Friday Map check 
Friday, July 14, 2006, 10:54 AM
I took my bt converse 325 phone into work today and tried it out. Although it did work, it was a lot better but I was getting a really loud buzzing and I thought it must be the line. However when I put the phone down I realised I could still hear the buzzing :eek:

I turned it on to setting 1 and the buzzing stopped. phew.

Due to speech sounds going quite I had an appointment this afternoon to have my map checked.

We tried a new processor and it sounded a lot better. So the conclusion is that the speakers on my old processor had gone wonky :eek:

Which is rather worrying as I have only had it from new since May as the other one went wonky when we were in the USA.

we tried the new processor with the phone and I got the buzzing there too. We tried it on a different phone in another room and there was no buzzing :uh: The only thing that was different in that room was that there was no computers. So we went back into the orginal room and turned the computer off and again no buzzing. So we concluded older pcs make the processor buzz. As I sit in front of my pc at home when I am talking on the phone and I have never got any buzzing!

So I guess when I make a phone call I should make sure I am not sitting beside a older computer, and it it does buzz to move away from it!!!

I also mentioned that the silver processor was making my ear sore because the plastic had gone rough and it looked as though it was coming off.

As I do have allergies to metal we wondered if I was reacting to the metallic paint on the processor.

So I agreed (sadly) :waah: to try the flesh toned one :sad: I donít like it as much as the silver one - but I can hardly carry on with a sore ear! Although I did think about it for quite some time!!!

I think itís horrible to look at, but with dark brown hair (and highlights) it seems to disappear and is not very easy to see at all - so at least thatís one bonus for flesh colours!

I just felt like Seven of Nine with my silver one! :lol:and I quite liked it.... grumble grumble.

On the forum we were talking about how the wait leading up to the operation affects us. For me it was also a question of how it might affect my identity. I have spent years being positive about the fact I was deaf - this made others be positive about it too. I have worked hard to get where I am, and I like what I have become.

"I wondered if I was throwing a part of me away, how would I change? What would it do to the person I had become? Being Deaf was a big part of who I am."

Itís been a year now and I am still adapting to the changes that the implant has had on my life. It is still a confusing time and my identity as someone with an implant has still not been fully established. It is almost as though I have been given a key which opens a door to a new way of living - but in order to use it I have to leave the old way of life behind.

I know that the implant has changed my personality to a certain degree - I am more interested in people, I ask more questions that are not relevant to the task but show that I am interested in knowing them more. Before I had the implant, I would ask only what I needed to know nothing more.

I wonder how it will be in two years time, will I have changed as much again? I always felt I had a six since with people sometimes, I could guess what they were about to say based on their body language and previous conversation. Sometimes people would tell me - itís almost if you read my mind and spoke for me. Will I lose this? Or are these skills with me for life now?

I have asked James my partner how he thinks I have changed since the implant - he said:

I am far more relaxed these days; I used to be so worried about not being able to hear people, not being able to do my job. He feels I have always been a confident person, but since the implant I am far more confident and opertmistic about the future.

James thinks that I am much more easily going these days, and a much happier person. He also feels that the implant has enabled me to make and maintain friendships much easier than in the past.

In the past unless the other person was really special, then trying to keep a friendship going via text and email was pretty hard going. These days if I have not seen someone for a while I can call them.

I have noticed because I do call them, they tend to email me a lot more too! Strange how it works but thatís just the way things are I guess.

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Re Phone calls at work 
Thursday, July 13, 2006, 03:47 PM
Well I tried the phone at work and it was not a sucess!

The voice on the other end was tiny and I struggled to hear it!

BUT It sounded just like a voice but far far away. The words that were said I heard them as whole words. Not like it used to be at all, where each word would be broken and parts would be missing.

If I strained and tried really hard I could work it out but it was hard going.

I quickly explained that I had a really bad line and I would call back! :eek:

I will have to bring my BT Converse 325 phone to work and see if that is any better.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006, 04:00 PM
Apparently 75,900 people now have implants today thanks to cochlear!

I have just found out via Ivan's blog that Cochlear intend to bring out a mini processor in June or late summer.

This is so exciting as a smaller processor with a longer lasting battery would be so cool.

Features and improvements of the device include:

-- Unmatched Reliability: Initial data demonstrate that Freedom is the most reliable device ever designed by any manufacturer.

-- Improved Hearing Performance: Test scores show that Nucleus Freedom recipients adjust and perform better in shorter periods of time when measured against Cochlear's previous device, the Nucleus 24 Contour.

-- Improved battery life and additional battery options: The Nucleus Freedom system offers disposable and rechargeable power.

-- The Mini(TM) BTE (behind-the-ear) Controller: The discreet Mini BTE provides up to 4 days (12 hours = day) of battery life and can be personalized by a quick click of the cover to change the color panels.

-- SmartSound(TM) Innovation: SmartSound technology allows users to adapt to a range of listening environments for focused listening, comfort in noise, dynamic sound environments and soft and distant sounds.


I am so excited!!

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