Re life is so easy now 
Friday, August 25, 2006, 01:14 PM

Today I went to work and later on I had to go out and walked all the way down to the car only to find my manager had blocked me in (we are allocated two car spaces for the 6 of us) Normally I would off had to walk ALL the way back up the stairs, across the two halls, through the dinning room, across another hall and up some more stairs and ask can you move your car. :lol: Today I walked to the car got my mobile out and rang him and said hi ya can you move your car! :clap:

I listen to the radio when I am driving to work, sometimes I concentrate too much when I should be concentrating on my driving! :uh:

I tried out my partner's tom tom stat navigator the other day and it worked really well. I could hear the directions clearly telling me where to go and I did not have to study the screen that much.

I liked it so much that I now have my own which is brighter and newer software. I tried it out today and it was so easy to use, it was not something I would have considered using before the implant. I can say good bye to getting lost, being late and struggling with the A to Z! :clap:

I can ring James now and ask him a quick question rather than sending him a text and having to wait for the answer.

I met up with a friend the other day for lunch (who also has an implant that was done 10 years ago) and although the cafe was busy I could still hear her rather well. She had forgotten her mobile, but I was able to make the call on mine. Normally I would have asked a hearing person or the station master to make the call by explaining that we were deaf. I used to hate the dependence on total strangers but now itís no longer necessary.

I am glad I became a happier, stable, confident person while I was still very deaf because it has shown me that itís possible to over come problems that sometimes seem very great. However, some how because of that, having the implant has been like being reborn into a whole new life but I am essentially still me, but a door has opened to a world that I have never experienced before and I like it.

I am shocked to how poor my speech became pre implant. I never realised that there were so many words that I was saying wrong.

Now I can hear much clearer I am learning to say words correctly and I am even expanding on my vocabary. My spelling is still not so good though!:wiggle:

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Re I am going to do a few courses 
Sunday, August 20, 2006, 10:37 AM
I am currently looking for a dress making course and a maths course.

Once I have got these out of the way I am thinking about doing a French basic language course the following year and possibly a French GCSE.

I feel that if I give myself a year of listening and using the phone -by then I will be ready to learn a new language and I am sure I can hear well enough now to learn one.

We go to France a lot and I noticed last year I could hear a lot of words that people were saying. It pays to learn a second language and it will look good on my CV plus for me it would be achieving something I never dare dream would be possible.


Ooh we have brought a digital Philips radio from Costo and dug out a cheap MP3 player that James brought of eBay because it was only 8 pounds and the memory card that goes with it is worth more than 8 pounds normally.


We have popped on a few songs which I know off and I am going to try it at the Gym tomorrow.

I also have a microphone and speakers and James old webcam for MSN Messenger now so chats on that should be interesting!

I went swimming today and decided to brave the steam room. I donít like the door because its black glass and its hard to know how many people are already in there.

As it happens there were only two people in there but it was a very nice steam room with tiny star lights on the ceiling which changed colour. The steam also had a lovely smell of eucalyptusa nd it was very relaxing. The only thing I did feel was terribly lonely :sad: in there as I could not wear my processor and I just sat there and hoped that no one would try talking to me :ooer:Ė not that I would know as the steam was so thick that I could not see a thing and with out my hearing aid and processor I can't hear a thing!:eek::uh:

I do plan to spend a lot more time in the steam room after the gym and swimming though as it was so relaxing!

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RE I am getting a MP3 player 
Saturday, August 19, 2006, 03:12 PM
I have joined the gym - but its so loud in there I cant hear the TV or the music. The gym is cool though as they put the subtitles on.

I have been meaning to get a radio for background sound for ages which is on my wish list at the moment not sure what type though something for my craft room.

However, I thought it would be really cool to get a MP3 Player as they are so small these days and store heaps of music on them, apparently they are really cheap of ebay.

Even if I cant hear the words it would be great to just have background music where I pick up the odd word.


I am using the phone now at work on a regular basis. I have only had a few little muddles! Otherwise its really saved me a lot of time as I can have quick calls to make appointments etc and I have not used my mini com once! I am also using my mobile a lot more now which is great for me as normally when I am out and about I am stuck if I need to call the office. Sometimes I do not answer it though as I do not always hear it. Everyone else does though and they give me funny looks as it is set to ring VERY loudly in my bag! *grin*

We were meant to go to a BBQ this weekend in Wales. But it was so wet and stormy we cancelled as I head there were flash floods and road blocks etc and I was rather worried about not being able to get there or back. Worst weekend for a BBQ really! On Friday I not only saw the lightening but I head the rain and claps of thunder rumbling as well! I actually knew there was going to be a storm ( it got dark which is a bit of a give away) but then I started to hear it rolling across the sky over the building where I work. I have never heard that before it as so amazing. I heard the zap of lightening crashing which was really loud and clear. Then big fat fast rain drops hitting the window which sounded brillient :wiggle:

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RE Using Stat Nav Tom Tom is now easy 
Friday, August 18, 2006, 05:24 PM
My poor little car died last week, :sad::eek: I think the trips to Wirral was just to much and it gave up the ghost and died. The head gasket blew and was going to cost 600 pounds but the car only cost me 300! So we decided to buy me a better car. I now have a Fiat Punto which is a Aqua colour with power steering and electric windows! Quite posh! Its lovely to drive so I am very happy with it.

I have been using the stat nav Tom Tom to find my way round, I would not use it before as I was worried that I would not be able to hear it and I was concerned that I would look at it to much rather than watching where I was driving. As it happens I find it very easy to hear and I now get to all new locations very easy which is great for me as I normally find driving to new places stressful. Not any more! :clap:

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RE I have gained a cockney accent! 
Saturday, August 12, 2006, 06:28 AM
Its true :eek: I finally have a cockney accent :eek: When I was just a hearing aid user no one could ever identify where my accent was from not even people who lived in the same area as me :uh:

I have had lots of chats to various people about it and more recently my partner. We both agree that I had a accent which was called a "zoe accent" one that was mine and mine alone because of the way I pronounced words (mainly through lip-patten) it altered the sound of my voice so I did not have a regional accent.

Since working in a new area and more importantly using the phone four people in the last week have said "are you from london?" and I am so surprised that its noticeable!

I have never had an accent before, I quite like it :lol: does this mean I am part of the in club now? :wiggle:

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RE hearing and identifying where a Police Car is coming from 
Thursday, August 10, 2006, 06:21 AM
:wiggle:Today I was driving to work and I head a police car, normally my heart would fill with dread as I tend to see it when its behind me (normally with a rather cross policeman glearing at me :eek:)

Today though, I turned my head right, then left, this told me it was not behind me. So I tilted my head side ways to the right and I could hear it was most likly in front of me. I still could not quite make out if it was coming from the left of me or my right but it did mean I could keep looking in front for it.

As it happens it came from my right and I saw it miles and miles before it went pass me!

what a blessing! :ahh:

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Using the phone and another first 
Monday, August 7, 2006, 02:19 PM
Using the phone for work is hard work. The computers are old so I have to sit quite a way from it so I do not get the feedback. Other people chatting on their phones means I have to listen harder.

Otherwise its a blessing to be able to use the phone, its quicker and easier than typetalk. Most of the time people dont even know I am deaf if its a quick to the point call. There have been a few occassions where we both have got confused and I have said "I'm sorry I am actually hard of hearing can we start again?" and its been fine.

The only pain is most people try and answer their phone in two to three rings and it takes me about five rings to change the settings on the processor before I can answer it! I guess I could say "Hello this is zoe tomlin calling, can you please hold one second."

One of my work mates is sight impaired and he was running late today for various reasons and asked if anyone could drop him off at the train station. Normally I would bulk at offering to do this if it was in a area where I did not know where I was going as I am quite a nervous driver. But I volunteered, as it happends he gave very good directions and because the implant is on my left - I could hear him very well. We got there with no problems and I was almost bursting with pride!

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The crowds roared 
Sunday, August 6, 2006, 02:25 PM
Coming home from plymouth today we stopped in ASDA which is next to the football arena. James wound the window down and said listen can you hear that? It was not until I actually strained my ears to listen for a sound that I head the crowd cheer as their team scored. I have never heard this sound before and I was quite moved by it. It made me laugh when I heard 500 people cheer, gasp, sigh and boo! all at once where their team was robbed a goal.

I can understand now how when someone says the crowd roared - what that acutally sounds like. :ahh:

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Today my brother passed in with the Navy 
Friday, August 4, 2006, 02:15 PM
It was a proud day for us as my brother has passed in with the Navy.

Apart from the fact we sat on the wrong side of the display we did get some very good photos of Rob marching.

There were several speeches and prayers for the brave lads and lasses. Overal I would say I got about 50% of this. There was also a video which I got about 50-60% and general chats and speeches which I got about 30%.

For me, personaly I think its amazing as normally I would get about 0-2% of everything and would rely on my partner to lip speak the day for me which is very tiring for us both.

There were still communiucation breakdowns as it was so busy and confusing and the long walk that I thought was taking us to have our photo taken was actually to go and have a look at the Mess Room which was not quite what I had in mind!!

Still we are very proud of Robin and it was a lovely day.


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RE Sea Gauls 
Thursday, August 3, 2006, 02:25 PM
Today I correctly identified the sound of seaguals! They are really loud and bossy!:eek:

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