Re Phone calls at work 
Thursday, July 13, 2006, 03:47 PM
Well I tried the phone at work and it was not a sucess!

The voice on the other end was tiny and I struggled to hear it!

BUT It sounded just like a voice but far far away. The words that were said I heard them as whole words. Not like it used to be at all, where each word would be broken and parts would be missing.

If I strained and tried really hard I could work it out but it was hard going.

I quickly explained that I had a really bad line and I would call back! :eek:

I will have to bring my BT Converse 325 phone to work and see if that is any better. 
Wednesday, July 12, 2006, 04:00 PM
Apparently 75,900 people now have implants today thanks to cochlear!

I have just found out via Ivan's blog that Cochlear intend to bring out a mini processor in June or late summer.

This is so exciting as a smaller processor with a longer lasting battery would be so cool.

Features and improvements of the device include:

-- Unmatched Reliability: Initial data demonstrate that Freedom is the most reliable device ever designed by any manufacturer.

-- Improved Hearing Performance: Test scores show that Nucleus Freedom recipients adjust and perform better in shorter periods of time when measured against Cochlear's previous device, the Nucleus 24 Contour.

-- Improved battery life and additional battery options: The Nucleus Freedom system offers disposable and rechargeable power.

-- The Mini(TM) BTE (behind-the-ear) Controller: The discreet Mini BTE provides up to 4 days (12 hours = day) of battery life and can be personalized by a quick click of the cover to change the color panels.

-- SmartSound(TM) Innovation: SmartSound technology allows users to adapt to a range of listening environments for focused listening, comfort in noise, dynamic sound environments and soft and distant sounds.


I am so excited!!

RE I feel odd speaking down the phone to someone for the first time when they are not aware I am deaf/ implanted 
Wednesday, July 12, 2006, 02:56 PM
I feel really odd speaking on the phone with someone for the first time who does not know I am deaf.

If I say I just need you to be aware that I am deaf - wont they wonder how can she be, we are speaking on the phone? :eek:

If I say I just need you to be aware I have a cochlear implant because I was deaf - will they assume that I am no longer deaf! :eek:

I could say I just need you to be aware that I have a cochlear implant because I was deaf, but now I am hearing impaired so let me know if I get anything wrong?

Maybe that would be a good solution?

I have not called anyone at work yet - I chickened out and got someone else to make a call on my behalf - just as well I did as it got rather complicated :eek: I think I am going to need my minicom after all just incase it does get complicated and I can say look I will call you back in 5 mins on my minicom as I am not hearing you very well right now.

I dont have a mobile Typetalk compatable phone at the moment so thats something I am going to have to consider as they are so expensive and I ALWAYs drop mine :ooer::eek: they are not very pratcile when there is bright sun, or if its busy and there is no where to sit as I have to balance it on my lap, its tiny so its not very fast, no one can call me on it as I can only call out, and it does not vibarate! :eek:

Sometimes I wonder how I coped at work with it!:uh: So if at all possible I would rather use a voice mobile if I can. We will have to see. The really REALLY good thing about the motrola phone is I do not have to change settings to a different programe (3 and t) I can just put it stright to my ear.

The disadvantage about using a land line is I have to change settings on the processor and I can only do this by whiping it off and looking at what I am doing becuse its touch senstive and I have to hold the button down just right for it to change from 1, to 2, to 3 and then to T and it takes for bloody ever!:eek:

My Implant sounds quite 
Tuesday, July 11, 2006, 04:22 PM
I started a new job today and I noticed that my processor sounded really quite compared to my hearing aid. The speech sounds were much quieter than the traffic outside. :eek:I tried the beam but it did not help. I have checked the volume and the sensitivity and they are correct.:sad:

It really feels like I needed it to be a tad louder than I was getting - for speech. I have also noticed that a lot of people are struggling to hear me as though I am speaking really quite.:uh:

So I have contacted the center to see if I need a new map! :uh::wiggle: It could not have come at a worst time really.

I also noticed that I was just not picking up words people said like I normal would. So my guess is that my brain has decided that my map is no longer suitable and wants a more louder one!

RE why do the hearing people make it so hard? 
Monday, July 10, 2006, 11:37 AM
I called the GP surgery today as James needed to have his dressing checked again.

The lady told me I needed to call the reception on the otherside as she could not put me through. When she gave me the number she said double 8 etc.

So I explained that I was deaf and I just wanted to repeat it back to her. Rather than listen to me she gave it to me again still saying double 8 etc.

So I said look I am going to read back to you what I think you have said.

Once I had done that, she replied in a really cross voice yes thats correct.

*sigh* Why do hearing people make it so difficult?

On a brighter note I did get it right! :clap:

RE I went to sleep with my implant on 
Sunday, July 9, 2006, 10:15 PM
James is so sore he is unable to get himself in and out of bed right now. Knowing him as well as I do - he would rather lay there in pain than wake me up and ask me to help him! :eek::sad::kiss:

So I decided to leave my implant on - sure enough at about 1 am he was making I am in pain sounds which woke me up and I got up and helped him out of bed.

I left the light on and my processor on and about 3 am I heard him come back to bed and I helped him back in to bed.

It was not uncomfortable at all and I did wake up when I head him muttering and making sharp intakes of breath.

I would consider wearing it again if I was on my own as I always worry about the fire alarm (as we only have a sound one since I rely on James and very occassionly he works away)

off to bed :zzz:

RE I got stuck to the sofa 
Sunday, July 9, 2006, 04:43 PM
I was laying on our sofa watching a movie called Dick and Jane (quite funny) and all of the sudden my implant got sucked up and attached it's self to the sofa :eek:

If I lay in a certain part of the sofa the magent is so strong it can actually pull the processor of my head and onto the metal frame under the leather :eek:

If I move my head slightly it then reattaches its self to my head :lol:

I still find it really hard to watch movies without subtitles - the news is good without subtitles but movies are much harder to follow.

I plan to buy a radio this weekend and hope that will help my brain pratice a bit more.

Re all ends well 
Saturday, July 8, 2006, 11:21 AM
:kiss:James :kiss: is fine

I told the rather angry nurse that I had rung the bell outside of visiting hours because I was unable to use the phone as I was deaf. She went and found out the info I needed and came back and told me he was fine. She said it in a slow drawn out voice as if I was a bit simple. You would think a nurse would be more deaf aware. Most of them speak to me in a very loud tone as if I am suddenly magicly going to be able to hear them.

Ah well... all ends well and James is home and safe :clap::woowoo::yay::wiggle::lol:

thank gwald for that :sigh::cool:

RE To scared to use the phone 
Friday, July 7, 2006, 05:18 AM
I thought it would be much easier now I can use the phone to call the hospital where my partner is having an operation.

But I am to scared to call :eek: I am scared it will be bad news and then the stress of it will prevent me from hearing what they have to say. I have thought about calling a few times but its scared me so much that I am going to have to drive down there and see a nurse face to face.


RE Calling Australia 
Wednesday, July 5, 2006, 06:16 AM

I spoke to James mum today who lives in Austrlia. It was much better and much clearer than it had been in the past. I do still find that if she says a long sentence then I do not get all of it. So it can be quite hard going if I am not sure what the topic is we are talking about.


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