28 days post switch on 
Thursday, July 28, 2005, 04:31 PM
Amy decided not to change anything on my map today as it has been so good.

Today I had a phone call role play session with my therapist which went like this:

ring ring

Me: Hello?
Karen: Hi Zoe can you hear me
Me: hold on you sound very faint
Karen: ok
Me: ok hi
Karen: hows that?
Me: Ooh you still sound faint hang on
Karen: ok
Me: ah I had it on the wrong programme and it was not on T
Karen: laughing ok hows that
Me: ah much better
Karen: its Karen
Me: hi Karen
Karen: how are you?
Me: oh I am fine thanks
Karen: would you like to go out for lunch next week?
Me: yes
Karen: would Tuesday be ok
me: Tuesday would be fine
Karen: about one o clock
Me: yeah ok
Karen: we can meet at the cafe in town
Me: yes ok
Karen: I will meet you outside
Me: sorry can you repeat that?
Karen: I will meet you outside
Me: ok then Tuesday outside at 1pm
Karen: ok then see you next week bye!
Someone knocks on the door (audio Amy)
Me: come in....bye Karen!
Amy: (in shock) ZoŽ told me to come in and she was on the phone!
Me: (laughing) I heard you knocking!


This is two days before my one month post switch on.

24 days post switch on 
Sunday, July 24, 2005, 04:30 PM
I had my new map on Thursday and she said I was a classic text book case (makes a change from being told "thatís odd, I have never seen that happen before and I have worked in this field for 20 years!)

It actually got turned down coz I could hear quite sounds very well (they were so loud! :o ) apparently I have been going round whispering at work and I talk softly anyway!

I am now speaking in normal volume and people say that my voice is clear and I pronounce things much better :clap: Even my partner has noticed and commented that I was speaking and saying words very clear (thatís the bad thing about being deaf your voice does get worst over time)
So this to me after less than a month of it being switched on its amazing.

I went to the petrol station today (for chocolate as you do) and I could hear the clink clunk of the cash machine draw opening and closing as well as the guy putting the money in :o

I could hear people nattering to each other and a guy joking with the assistant and I could pick out the odd word.

Had a phone conversation with my oh tonight and hardly had to get him to repeat very much. It was almost like a normal conversation - only I kept interrupting him! :o

I can hear mobile's ringing now - some ring tones sound cool some I hate!

I nearly snapped a guy's head of at work the other day :oops: I was really busy and concentrating on something that was getting on my nerves. I honestly thought he was hitting something with a plastic tray or hammer.... I turned round and I was going to snap "what are you doing"

He looked up at me if to say what have I done ( I must be really scary!) all he did was put his lunch box on the plastic tray, and peeled of the lid of his lunch box! It sounded so loud! I swear I could hear him munching his salad! :o

Hopefully it wont be so loud now the Audio has turned it down a tad - hearing someone munching their lunch was not what I had in mind :D

19 days post switch on 
Tuesday, July 19, 2005, 04:29 PM
I tried the beam setting when I was in the back seat of my managerís car. I could hear her speaking to another colleague and I could also hear when she put the indicators on.

I got the odd word of what they were talking about and knew they were talking about my managerís new car and how she found the gear stick very odd and difficult to get used to.

I found that I could catch the odd word and put together what a child I previously could not hear very much off. It was lovely getting clear words from him and being able to piece together what he was trying to tell me with very little effort.

A man I speak to a lot who is originally from Algeria so he has a strong accent but a very soft voice and I have always struggled to lip-read let alone hear Ė came through loud and clear. I was so pleased I said oo keep speaking and he went all shy and shut up for the rest of the time I was there!

In ASDA I heard the tannoy and thought cor thatís loud Ė it was starting to give me a head ach then I realised why. I still had it set on beam! I did not notice much difference between setting one and setting three (meant to cut out noisy backgrounds) but will keep trying. I did notice however I am shattered today and my head feels very fuzzy. I had to take the processor off when I got home as it was all to much.

18 days post switch on 
Monday, July 18, 2005, 04:27 PM
I am still getting used to the sounds which all sound incredibly loud.

I can hear everyone speaking and some of them I can hear their accent.

I tried setting four on T when speaking to James Ė the problem is I can really hear my own breathing when its on this setting and even when I turned it down to V four I still sounded very loud Ė it gave me a head ach. I tried setting 1 on T and that was easier to deal with but not as clear.

17 days post switch on 
Sunday, July 17, 2005, 04:26 PM
Today we went to Southport beach, unfortunately the sea was way to far out for me to possibly hear it! I did hear motorbikes, people chatting, and the lady taking my order when we went to pizza hut and the chime of the merry go round.

14 days post switch on 
Thursday, July 14, 2005, 04:25 PM
Today I went to have the processor programmed again (new maps)

When she turned it on I started to cry coz I heard her so clearly (before I could hear her but it sounded like she was whispering and now I could hear the "s" and "Sh" much clearer than any other sound) now it just sounds normal and so clear! Every word comes thru perfect.

Deborah read some paragraphs from a book and after saying the same thing three times I was able to get most of it right.

I now have four programmes:

1) Normal everyday programme (can be used with T but then I cant
hear myself)

2) Beam

3) for noisy places

4) for the telephone which is set so I can hear myself as well as
the other person

I have not tried them all yet!

I was bopping along to most of the music on all of the shops, I can hear people chatting so clearly. I heard a child talking to his mum (unfortunately he grabbed my bottom and skirt ) and I heard his mum tell him off and to say sorry, and I heard him say something (did not sound like sorry to me but it could of been!) I donít normally hear children so that was really cool.

I brought a few things to celebrate (this is getting quite expensive since I have two more appointments to go! )most things are 70% off now so I am picking up some lovely dresses quite cheap. But I can hear the ladies ask me if I want a shop credit card for 10% off... I always wondered what they were asking me about - it used to get so confusing. I used to think "look I just want to buy the dress and get out why does this have to be so difficult" Now I can say no ta and pay... so much easier.

Things are clearer now and louder which takes a bit of getting used to... as all the sounds from last week were I said they did not sound like I expected them to... now sound like they should

I have been walking around with the biggest grin... people have smiled at me and given me a look as if to say what is making you smile so much!

On a really positive note I got speaking to a dad who's little girl is under going the assessment for the ci (she could only have been 5) and I gave out my webpage so he could have a look at the photos.

Deborah is now trying to get me to write a book Not sure if I could cope with that!!

I was told to listen out for bird sounds: the dawn chorus, noisy, busy starlings, cawing crows/rooks, twittering swallows, quacking, gobbling ducks, hissing swans

We have a place called Pennington flash which is a local bird animal thingy it has huts etc for bird watching and a big lake.... Ooooo I could go over there and have a listen...

Fizzy coke and bubble wrap are still my best sounds and ones that I tell everyone It has people in fits of giggles coz poor jams has never had so many offers from me to get him a coke (I donít drink it - its horrible stuff)

Day 12 
Tuesday, July 12, 2005, 04:24 PM
Today I went to work and found that everyone seemed a lot clearer....

There was a lot to catch up on and I quickly became very tired so I am going to do half days this week.

When I got home my partner James told me to call him and we nattered for 28 minutes! First it did not go very well as I could not understand what he was saying. Then I tried asking James questions where he said yes or no. This went quite well... Then James started saying two or three words to answer my questions and this went very well too I was getting about 50% right and the rest I was getting the odd word wrong but the general message correct!!!!!

All this just two weeks after switch on!!!!!

James said he was shocked how much of the phone call I got. It was the first really voice call we have ever had with each other in the three years we have known each other.... James got all tearful *bless*

Day 11 
Monday, July 11, 2005, 04:23 PM
I went to see my consultant today. Normally I would never hear anyone call my name. Today there was no problem what so ever. They have a strange system where they move you from room to room till you end up sitting outside the consultantís door. The second nurse called me and I heard her fine too. She said quite crossly ďIíve been calling you for ten minutes did you not hear me?Ē Where were you I asked? Round the corner she repliedÖ. Well I am sorry but I am profoundly deaf I saidÖ and its not good practice to call someone when your standing round the corner and people cant see you! Got a very apologetic nurse after that. I was left in a waiting room that had a small TV, normally I would not hear any of itÖ Today Grease was on, and I could really make the music out! So we are going to have to dig out our old Grease DVD as I think I will see it in a whole new light!

Lets see oh yes the consultant was a different man from who I was expecting he was DR Chung and I thought oo here we go, am I going to be able to lip-read him (heavy American / Chinese accent and very fast talker who did not necessarily look at me when he is asking questions :o ) He asked me to take the processor off so he could look at the scar then he fired three questions at me and I got them all correct and he said oh the ci is really working fine and I had to say actually I've not had a chance to put it in yet :o ) :D But as I say I managed fine.

I went over to the ward I stayed at to see the nurses and give them my thank you card.. One of the nurses remembered me and came rushing over and I told her all my best sounds and we both ended up in tears!!! My voice quivers when ever I speak about my best sounds! :oops: and my eyes mist up.... Gonna need a few hanky's when I go back to work I can tell you.

Right I found some bubblewrap in side a envelope - I got the odd crack and pop and could hear it over the rustle of the paper.... But methinks I really need a full sheet :D Going to the postoffice tomorrow coz I forgot today so perhaps I will get some there.

Anyone ever get their hands on the really big bubblewrap please let me know and I will swap anything (yep anything including brads or even a few charms from Carolynís :o ) for a bit :D

I forgot to buy peas, rice crispies and bubble gum :( But I will try and remember this on the way home from work (I am going back to work tomorrow!! *yay*)

okies about a hour a go I was in the garden with my big bottle of fizzy water....ooo :D very rumbly frizz :D I think the coke sounded stronger than my water tho *could this be my imagination?*

I had to go to see my consultant for my ci today he is very pleased and never wants to see me again :o *giggles* :D So thatís good news.

I am more sociable now, and itís easier to chat to people in the shops, when I am ordering coffee etc. People are much more friendlier than I realised as they are willing to chat. I realise that there must have been heaps and heaps of people who tried to speak to me and I gave gone marching pass! Coz I heard so many people approach me today and ask if I was ok, did I need any help, could they help me find what I was looking for. I have never noticed that before! I even had a laugh and a joke with a guy in starbucks (bloody expensive in there aint it!) which I normally would find a struggle. It was lovely - he will never know how thrilled I was at the time to be able to join in on the joke....

Day 10 
Sunday, July 10, 2005, 04:22 PM
Today I heard birds (quite loud aint they!) and we opened the champagne :clap: I was not sure if I would really hear it coz I have never heard it before.... sounded like a gun going off :o I nearly jumped out of my skin!! *giggles* bit drunk now tho :D
I can hear music a little better on the TV.

I could hear people chatting in the pub we went to this afternoon.

I head the guy who cleared our table ask if our meal was alright for us.... That was great....

I could hear the little girl chatting away to her family (which was so cool) I have not heard a child speak for years.....

I am so happy

Day 9 
Saturday, July 9, 2005, 04:21 PM
While I was in the back garden I heard the lawn mower in the front.

I heard Yvonne's coke as she opened the can and I had a good listen to her ice cubs which she very kindly shock for me (quite a few times)

Lovely! I am very happy *sigh*

I also went to a craft demo and although it was loud in there I found I could follow much more than when I was wearing hearing aids.

At the shops I could hear pretty much what the person was saying with lip-reading without having to repeat (which is SO unusual)

great day out by all accountsÖ..

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