Day 10 
Sunday, July 10, 2005, 04:22 PM
Today I heard birds (quite loud aint they!) and we opened the champagne :clap: I was not sure if I would really hear it coz I have never heard it before.... sounded like a gun going off :o I nearly jumped out of my skin!! *giggles* bit drunk now tho :D
I can hear music a little better on the TV.

I could hear people chatting in the pub we went to this afternoon.

I head the guy who cleared our table ask if our meal was alright for us.... That was great....

I could hear the little girl chatting away to her family (which was so cool) I have not heard a child speak for years.....

I am so happy

Day 9 
Saturday, July 9, 2005, 04:21 PM
While I was in the back garden I heard the lawn mower in the front.

I heard Yvonne's coke as she opened the can and I had a good listen to her ice cubs which she very kindly shock for me (quite a few times)

Lovely! I am very happy *sigh*

I also went to a craft demo and although it was loud in there I found I could follow much more than when I was wearing hearing aids.

At the shops I could hear pretty much what the person was saying with lip-reading without having to repeat (which is SO unusual)

great day out by all accounts…..

Day 8 
Friday, July 8, 2005, 04:20 PM
Cutting paper with a guillotine is a lovely sound!

Other suggestions to listen out for have been:

1) a sneeze

I can’t wait for James to sneeze (usually he does this quite often but his being quite today maybe I should use my feathers )

2) Rice crispy for breakfast, they really do make a sound.

I have put this on our shopping list along with the ice trays

3) blowing bubblegum and making it pop
4) crunching of apple when you bite into it

which is also on the shopping list (so exciting)

I can’t wait for firework night - I am going to pick the biggest display and be the one in the front

Yesterday I was jumping up and down with excitement because I heard salt as I poured it - the pepper mill sounds lovely too (battery powered !!!! (James likes things like that)

I really do love the frizz that coke sounds like and I am looking forward to James buying a can so I can open it and see what that sounds like too.

I don’t like the sound of James cooking scrabbled eggs! Metal on metal takes a bit of getting used too!

I like the sound of oil getting hot tho

I can hear my roller mouse !!

I can’t wait for Thunder and lightening and really hard rain

I can’t wait for a BBQ that’s going to sound ace.... oooo makes me shiver to think of it all

We are going out for dinner tonight and I am so excited! I have an adapter to try out which is a microphone that plugs in and lets me hear just a meter (or less ) of sound on the T switch.... It means there will be a length of wire going from my processor to James over the table but I don’t let little things like that put me off

I honestly do not remember hearing when I was younger... I remember confusing and a muffled world where people got cross with me for getting things wrong!

My CI is 100% clearer than any HA, I can hear each sound, or groups of sounds. I no longer have to strain to hear speech over a massive racket of noises which I would never call sounds.

I can hear the quietest sounds (salt being poured out, fizz on coke, paper being torn) to quite loud sounds (lawn mower, traffic, bus, lorry etc) quite comfortably.

I have not had to take the CI off due to the level of noise being to loud/ unbearable coz they are all mashed together.. In fact I have worn it at the highest setting and I am loving it.

I still have map four to try out.

I am so happy, I feel like I have got more than my life back - I am experiencing a life I have never had.... It’s been a brilliant ride and one that’s not quite over - I am so looking forward to the future.

Having the CI is possibly the best thing I have ever decided to do

Day 7 
Thursday, July 7, 2005, 04:19 PM
I got 20% in the video test where the man says sentences and there is no visual (On Tuesday I got 0%) the Audiologist was almost jumping up and down with excitement!!

I could hear when a person was talking/ calling me

I heard a lady ask me directions in the street

Day 6 
Wednesday, July 6, 2005, 04:15 PM
I am hearing so many sounds now that it’s hard to remember and record them all. Most of the sounds I have never heard before and are totally new to me. When I got up I heard the shower gashing and the sound that the pump makes. I ran the bath and listened to the water filling up and splashed about for a while. I could hear the rasp of the skin on my feet against the carpet as I went down the stairs (which was a big shock) so I ran back up the stairs to give it another go (have to check these things)

My task for today is to identify sounds from a list I have and I decided that since James left yesterday to work away. It would not be a good lesson if I stayed in doors. So in order to really put the task into practice I “had to go” out and buy a heat gun… which was no good with out embossing things so I “had to buy them too”

I got in the car and the first thing I thought of trying was the indicators…. They came through much louder than I thought they would. It was such a nice sound that I sat there for a while turning the indicator on and off…. I thought about sounding the horn as well, but then I noticed a neighbour from across the street standing there watching me with a look of disbelief on his face. So I thought I better not and gave him a cheery wave and went on my way.

With the window down I could hear a lot of noise from cars etc but could no longer hear my indicator.

When I got to the car park I put my money in the meter and it beeped at me while it was printing my ticket (again never heard it beep before)

I went to collect a framed picture from the art shop and as I walked pass the counter I could hear the rustle of the paper bag as the lady put the customers shopping in it. I played by chip and pin and I heard the thing whirl and click and he tore of his part of the receipt and I heard it tear. I thought ooo that would be so nice to hear again, and would you believe it - the hand held pin reader had run out of paper. So I waited while he put a new I stood there grinning like a manic and he tore of several strips while trying to get it to work * bliss * I heard it all.

I also went to a few shops and I could tell the difference between the noise level on the street and that of the shop….. Did ANY one realise that electric doors make such a racket???

I heard a blowtorch being used by the workmen. I could not work out why it would suddenly go very quite ever so often. I then realised this happened when the traffic stopped at the crossroads.

I went for a coffee – the lady gave me a strange look, I am not sure if I was shouting, whispering or just generally looking my odd self. I heard the blender, and the frothier, and the clinking of coffee cups. By the time I was ready to hand over the money for my coffee I was grinning madly as I have never ever heard the milk bubbling and frothing away before.

I went in to a clothes shop as I am looking for a nice blue bag (I came out with a nice pair of black shoes but no bag as you do) while I was in there I could really hear the music (normally I feel it if there is a bass) and I could make out the different beats (with out hearing bass sounds the same what ever the beat normally!)

I got home and decided to cook my dinner – I heard the microwave, the kettle, the onion skin as it crunched and my knife as it cut. We have one of them little electric grills that needed a clean before I used it so I turned it on and heard the click of the switch. As it heated it up I heard it pop and crackle… I then poured a little water over the base and it bubbled and hissed and was such a lovely unexpected sound it made me * sigh * with pleasure. I heard my mushrooms and onions sizzling in the grill and I could hear my pasta bubbling away.

I could not make out another sound and it took me ages to realise I could hear the washing machine spinning – I am sure it beeped after it finished too.

I can hear the clock tic ticking and I scared myself half to death when I started to hear a really scary sound (it was midnight) it sounded like a raspy voice or lots of whispering voices…. I was thinking oooo gwald this is scary what is it… walking from one end of the room to the other trying to find it… the more I moved the worst it got. I then realised it stopped when I did… My brain did overdrive * what could it be * then I realised it was my clothes brushing against my body and making a whispering sound * bloody scary when you don’t know! * This is something I have never heard and never expected to…

We live in a very noisy world….

Day 5 
Tuesday, July 5, 2005, 04:14 PM
My tongue seems to be back to normal. On Tuesday I noticed that it still felt odd in the centre and things still taste bitter/ sour.

Creamy things do not taste as creamy as they normally are. At least it feels more normal now! The scar looks so neat and you can hardly see it.

I have had my second mapping today. Amy decided to do it a different way today (as the last one was to loud for me to deal with) so she picked a few low electrodes and gave me the beeps and we just let it get higher and higher until I said stop that’s too loud.

I was listening to the beeps thinking jeeze this sounds SO Like tinnitus. Anyway on the second one, it got louder and louder sounding more and more like tinnitus and I said hmmm I think I can go up one more b4 it gets to loud. All of the sudden the tinnitus like sound went and in its place was a real sound like three musical beeps. I was so thrilled that we did the same for all of them till I could hear musical sounding beeps for each one. Once we got pass this hurdle I was then able to let her know when they got too loud (I could actually go up higher) I was thrilled with myself!!

Then she turned it on and I was hearing Amy speaking (thought I was going to cry) and then I heard James speaking (nearly burst into tears) Amy played around with it and then set it louder, louder still, more louder (got clearer) and then decided that she would not play with it any more as I was already doing really well with what we had (plus I am seeing her again on Thursday)

We talked for a while and it just sounded better and better. Then Amy gave me four different strength programmes to take away.

After all the excitement I really needed the loo NO ONE TOLD ME having a wee is NOISY!

I heard the lift go *ping* and I could hear my shoes tap across the floor very clearly.

We then went and had a hearing test - with my processor it showed results for moderate hearing loss (in said of profound) Amy said she would never be able to get my hearing aids to show this no matter how good they were so we were both quite pleased.

Then Amy said she wanted to test what was left of my hearing in my implanted side (this surprised me) and the test showed that I have lost a little of the high pitches but I do have some hearing left. I could not believe it when I heard the beep of the hearing test in my implanted side with no processor (the skill of that surgeon is amazing) (made him a thank you card and got him a pressy)

Then we had the video lipreading test.... Overall with voice and visual I did the same (95%) with voice only I did poor. BUT I could hear when he said a word, I knew how many words he had said, I could tell Amy if it was a word with the sound Shh, SSS, DA, Ah, KA, TA, Ba, Nh ect and I got the sounds correct on most of them. This really was a massive difference for me.

Then I met Karen who is the speech therapist and we did some word exercises I had to tell her what sentence she had read out of a possible four. Which I scored 100%. The next one was where she would read a sentence and say one of two words at the end, which sounded similar. Out of 8 I got four. Karen then gave me an audio book to take home and I will be seeing her again on Thursday.

On the way home it started to rain I never realised that raindrops made a sound as they hit the window screen - quite pleasant listening to it. We wound the window down and I could hear the cars roaring pass and said to James I get a shhuuch sound too and he said oh that’s the water splattering behind I was like *no way!* how coolllll!

A plastic bag is so loud! All crinkly and crackly. I can no longer eat chocolate quietly !

The biggest and best sound I heard was the fizzzz as James opened a coke bottle. He told me its even better and bigger if you shake it first. That’s on my to do list tomorrow (with fizzy water) oo cant wait!!

I can hear the kettle boiling very well now, and James Hic cup too! Speech sounds clearer and louder (although I have to lip-read too) I can hear sounds from the audio cd if I follow the book, and I can hear money making a clink clink sound.

I can’t wait for my next map on Thursday, which hopefully will give me even more sounds.

It’s all very exciting (the keyboard sounds very loud as I type!)

Day 4 
Monday, July 4, 2005, 04:13 PM
I went into town today and for the driving I wore both my processor and my hearing aid.

I turned it off when I hit the shops. When I ordered lunch I turned it back on again and forgot to turn it of. After I went to a big shopping mall and noticed I was hearing really well.

I heard voices clearly when I was in the changing room and I also heard two people talking quite clearly behind me when I was looking at dresses. I realised that I had left my hearing aid on – but what an improvement from Thursday where even with both the processor and the hearing aid on I noticed very little difference.

Just goes to show that giving your brain a work out without the aid really is the key.

Day 3 
Sunday, July 3, 2005, 04:11 PM
Today I was sitting in the computer room (very noisy apparently) and we had the air conditioning on in the next room (really noisy - although I cant hear it if I am not in the room)

James was in the loft doing men's things *grin* and he called me and I heard my name sound like "OoEEEEEEEEEE" which made me look up and think did I hear my name? He called me again and I heard my name...

Just not the zzzz part of it....

I last heard my name when I was about 15 - Other people started calling me snowy and coz I could not hear it, I never corrected them until someone else would say is your name really snowy as in snow?


Drove to Manchester Hospital today to make sure I can get there ok. Only got lost once coming back!

Day 2 
Saturday, July 2, 2005, 04:08 PM
Last night James and I played a lot of his music (anything with bass was ruled out) things without bass I had to listen really hard but I could make out a beat or feel of the music and mimic it back to James what it sounded like to me. We were surprised to find I was actually verbalising the words not the music *not something I have been able to do b4 - normally I can pick the beat out from the bass)

It’s actually quite nice to listen to (bit to quite tho) as it helps stimulate my brain - James also read to me and I could see the difference after a 20 min or so of hard listening.

We are planning on obtaining talking books and a radio (even if for background noise) so that my brain can listen even if I don’t understand or follow it....

Today I have worn it for six hours and its not felt to bad (I have been wearing it four hours then two hour break then a further two hours the last two days) it helps to play around with the magnet strength as if its too strong it gets hot and uncomfortable....Once its right then its fairly conformable to wear...

The setting is still on very low (bit to low now my brain has got use to it) and I am identifying new sounds everyday.... I heard the music to the cat advert the other day... and I heard the kettle boiling yesterday... Oh and I heard my car boot lock as well (normally I have to check it so I know its locked) I was so thrilled I heard it. It was a thrilling experience...

Oh another lovely thing I am enjoying is mould free ears (they have been cool and dry all day) lovely

I do wear my hearing aid when I am driving tho!!

I can hear when the overhead announcer in ASDA comes on and off (never realised it was consent!)

I can now hear beeps with the telly on loud

James said a list of places in the UK while I listened (with my eyes closed) and out of about 20 places I got 5 correct and just heard the rest but could not identify them. I was stunned to hear the word London, Liverpool, Essex, Basildon, and Newcastle.

One day after switch on 
Friday, July 1, 2005, 04:07 PM
Some one from the CI Forum on Yahoo

said the three P’s of having a CI are:-

1 Patience
2 Practice
3 Perseverance

Today I was feeling sorry for myself coz of the racket that I was getting while in the car. Turns out that its a bit much with the fan on 4 and the map navigation going as well.

Once that was turned down James got a call on his hand free mobile and I could hear the person speaking (no idea what they were saying) but not James! (James just sounded like beeps) But it really cheered me up!

While in the car (with the window down) I head beeps and thought what could they be - I think it was people walking by nattering so that was quite cool.

Strangely I heard their dog cough (bark maybe? sounded like a cough) really well!

I wore the processor for 4 hours and then later on in the evening for a further three – it does not feel like I am hearing much more than beeps but I did hear the music in the cat advert (very soft) which really cheered me up.

While typing this – if I listen carefully I can hear James tapping on his keyboard (so quite).

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