Tuesday, June 13, 2006, 01:25 PM
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Cochlear,
Happy Birthday to you!

Thank You Cochlear, and the Manchester implant centre for everything you have given me!

So my cochlear is one year old today, and what a journey it has been. I have seemed to have celebrated this birthday by designing the logo for ReSound and the Cicada Club both which support people who have had Cochlear implants.

Tonight I am going to cook a celebration meal and eat a slice of carrot cake to wish my Cochlear many more years to come. On switch on day which was the 30th June we will go out for a celebration meal as that was a life changing day.

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RE A Visit to the Pet shop 
Monday, June 12, 2006, 10:40 AM
Today I went into town and I heard the church bells ringing. As I have never heard them before I did not know how to count the rings. Does ding dong count as one ring or two!?! Still that a side they sounded lovely, and I can certainly understand the appeal for church weddings if there are bells ringing out now.

I also went into the pet shop for a look around as I really want a puppy! They did not have any puppies but they had two lovely tortoises which I fell in love with. I had a lovely chat with a lady who already had a tortoise she was telling me that she does not use the expensive vivarium that they like you to buy these days as hers sleeps under the cupboard where the draw has been taken out! To be honest my Nan had a tortoise and it was fine in the summer, but in the winter it went in a box in the shed.

They also had a blue and gold Macaw which was the size of a two year old child. I said hello to him and he looked at me with interest. I was just reading what it said on his cage and he coughed at me and then barked loudly like a dog! I looked up and said "oooh aggressive!" and he replied "yes!" So I said well you did not say hello! and he said Hello!, so I said "ah being nice now then?" and he said "ahh, yes, Hello!" I could hear him very well and he had a lovely voice. I was close to tears when I walked out the shop coz I have never heard a parrot before, especially not one bark and cough at me to get my attention.

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Other things I have now realised 
Sunday, June 11, 2006, 05:10 AM
While my friend was here I noticed that her voice changes when she is having a small seizure. Her voice gets very soft and sometimes goes very quite.

Now and again it looks like she has lost her trail of thought - but she still continues to finish what she is saying but it sounds very vague.

It is quite handy to be able to hear this, because I can moderate my own behaviour or the environment so that it reduces the risks.

This is something I am sure I never picked up before because I would simply not be able to hear her when we were out and I would be lip-reading. So I often got the physical signs that we were in trouble and they normally come when itís too late to prevent the seizure anyway!

Itís amazing how easy being able to hear better really makes life so much easier.

I no longer have to hunt round the house for James I can find him by sound. It takes a lot less time these days!

I do not always put my processor on first thing in the morning and sometimes James is around and he will call me and call me and then march in and have a quick peek under my hair and say oh youíre still deaf! Put your processor on for gwald sake! lol

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Oh the worry! 
Saturday, June 10, 2006, 09:07 AM
My brother rang me today as he was very low because he had failed drill which meant that they have put back the date of his passing out by two weeks.

I could hear the disappointment in his voice he sounded so fed up and depressed! It was horrible - I canít empathise enough towards people who get that devastating call on the telephone. It really is quite distressing. Something I have never had to deal with before.

I worry about him all the time.

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I can listen to my friends while cooking! 
Saturday, June 10, 2006, 06:04 AM
Normally when I am cooking it is almost impossible to chat too, but now it is easy to do and I really enjoy it.

I was able to prepare a meal and chat away and catch up making the most of the time we had together without worrying that I was going to have to spend 60 mins doing the meal (60 mins of lost chat!)

Itís really easy to listen while I am chopping or arranging food or washing up these days without having to lip-read!

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RE The way I communicate and other changes I have noticed 
Thursday, June 8, 2006, 11:16 AM
I have noticed that I still dominate the conversation and I am not very good at taking my turn or allowing others a chance to speak.

I think this stems from when I had hardly any hearing, it was much easier to talk that to listen. It was also easier to listen if I was fully in control of the topic matter.

Now I donít need to do that, but old habits die hard and I just cannot stop myself from taking over the conversation! I really need to practice listening - maybe duct tape across my mouth might be necessary!

I have also noticed that I have many more conversations when I go out these days. I used to be able to go shopping and not say a word to any one. Now I chat to everyone and I will ask questions because I know there is a good chance I will hear the answer.

Life is much easier now as I no longer hunt for what I need, I can ask and generally follow their instructions. Before, this was a waste of time because the background sounds were so loud I just could not hear them - and normally I was too tired to lip-read a new person after a hard days work.

I can hear children and people in our street as I type this (our window is open because itís hot) But itís actually rather distracting and a bit irritating!

I can hear people say things like "do you want help with your bags lovely?" when I go to ASDA. Or this "counter is shutting now, sorry" which is quite helpful!

I can hear people say short sentences to me that are pointless but nice to hear. Like when I said thank you to the guy who helped me unload my car at the dump - he said thatís ok, youíre very welcome. Which made me turn round and give him a big smile. In the past so many people must think I am ignoring them!

I had a laugh with the post office guy as I asked for a first class stamp and I thought he said "where too" so I said Cornwall. He gave me a look of surprise and said "yeah, ok, 32!"

My Nokia communicator from T-mobile has broken and T-mobile no longer sell this type of phone. Vodafone sell the older Nokia communicator with the software - but three new versions have come out since then but there is no compatible software for them.

I have emailed RNID to ask them for advice because on their webpage they talk about new software which can be used with at least six mobile phones including the new version of the nokia communicator.

As of yet I have not got a reply - which I think is poor because I need this mobile for work.

I went into O2 today to ask about the new software that should be available. As I suspected they did not know any thing about it, although they did say they would look into it.

I still do not feel confident enough to use my Motorola phone for voice calls at work without a back up mobile that I can use with type talk if I need it.

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RE Recognising Tone 
Friday, June 2, 2006, 04:00 PM
Today I spent my time with two friends who have a wonderful sense of humour.

I was really surprise by the fact that the tone of someone's voice can play such a vital role. It was great to be able to hear the tone of someone making a joke, or mimicking someone else. Or being over the top and theatrical or tone in cheek.

Itís almost sad to realise how many jokes have gone way over my head over the years because I could never hear the tone of voice and tend to laugh more when itís visually funny.

I had a great day.

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Telephone, telephone how I love to use the telephone 
Thursday, June 1, 2006, 05:06 PM
Today I answered the phone and it was a friend of mine. I was shocked how much I could hear in his voice that I never noticed when I talk to him face to face.

I could hear that it was a male voice, his accent, the way he pronounced words. Its strange how much you miss when lipreading someone face to face. It made me realise that sometimes I am not always listening as much as I think I am.

I also made a telephone call to my agency - it was in a different area so they do not know me at all. I spoke to a lady who did not know I was deaf (I did not bother to tell her either as it was only to be a short call) The first thing she said I totally did not get but everything else she said I did get fine. The person I wanted was not there so I left a message.

Its made life so much easier.

I call James on my mobile quite a lot now and its so much faster than texting - it also means I can say more, and get more information which is saving so much more time.

Aint life grand!

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RE Telephone calls and a One Year Map 
Wednesday, May 31, 2006, 12:30 PM
Although itís not officially a year because my operation was cancelled till the 13st July - never the less they wanted to do the one year map.

I do not have any tinnitus while I wear the implant these days and nor do I have it in the other ear
Which is a bit odd as I used to have it in both ears and it was LOUD.

The only time I get what could be described as Tinnitus is when I go for the maps these days. I think
Its stress related - as I donít get it any other time.

Also today my brother rang me and I recognised his voice. I could hear two other people talking in
the background although I could not actually understand them - I did know there were two different voices. My brother confirmed that I was correct.

For me this is amazing because normally I would say oh its loud where you are - but I would not be able to identify the cause.

I also spoke to my old mate Debbie for about two and a half hours about EVERYTHING!!! It was lovely to catch up and also good practice for me (thanks Deb)

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RE ASDA Trip and a new sound! 
Tuesday, May 30, 2006, 02:25 PM
I was in ASDA today and I could hear Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. I looked around as I wondered what it was, it was so loud. Then I realised that it was my shopping being scanned on the computer!

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