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Friday, April 11, 2008, 11:34 PM - Assessment
I have been getting spam!

A load of links were left the comments section and I got 361 views!

To all the scumbags who left spam on my blog - did you really think I would not notice? I get alerted whenever anyone leaves a comment


I also recived a few emails - one was very odd as it was not a real email address but had a few questions

On Monday, April 7, 2008, 08:02 PM, Ann McKenna wrote:

I found you page on the internet, I live in South Africa but my grandaughter lives in the UK, her name is Candyshe is 15 in May, she has been hard of hearing since birth and they say she is loosing her hearing compleatly in the one ear, she is a candidate for cochelear implats she has been through all the couselling and will be ready to have the opperation soon but she is getting very nervous and says she does not want the opperation now, she is so worried about it.
I would like to know have you been deaf since birth of just hard of hearing? I would like to know if you are happy about having the opperation and if you knew then what you know now would you still have it done? I thought maybe that is she heard from someone who has have the opperation it might help her. I think it will change her life, she has become very withdrawn and never wants to go out, children at school are very cruel to her and she seems not to have friends.I hope that maybe you can put my mind at rest that convincing her to have the opperation is the right thing to do.
It would be nice to hear from you.
Regards Ann McKenna

My answer to this is:-

I was profoundly deaf from 7-28 I started loosing my hearing at age of four. If you read my blog I think you will find I am very happy with the outcome. Perhaps your granddaugther will find it useful to read it too?

However, it has to be her choice. I have been told that young people who do not want the implant do not do as well as people who really want the implant.

When it is first switched on, it does not sound very good. It takes hard work to make the brain learn to hear again. If your granddaughter is not ready for this, then it may be that when she is older she will be. I could of had the implant much sooner had I choosen to - but I did not want it either.

Your granddaughter may find it helpful to speak to a professional or consultant about her fears and concerns. There is no reason why she can't put the operation on hold until she is ready.

I hope this helps