286 days since switch on - Little things make a big big difference! 
Monday, April 24, 2006, 04:16 PM
I went round to visit someone today and they had their baby granddaughter with them. I could hear her gurggling and making snuffley sounds and contented sounds. I never realised how such a tiny baby could make so many sounds - I could hear her chuckling and making happy slurpy sounds when she had her milk!

I rang a friend on my mobile as well and arranged a day where we will meet up for lunch - I was quite nervous as I have not spoken to this friend before. Her husband answered the phone first - it got a bit confusing because he called out and started speaking to my friend and I thought he was still speaking to me, so I asked him to repeat! But on the whole it went fine and I have all the info I need. *grin*

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283 days since switch on: Things just get easier and easier 
Friday, April 21, 2006, 05:44 PM
I now carry around two mobiles (one which has type-talk and I text on and one that I use for voice only)

The battery went on the text one so I called my OH on the voice one while I was parked in the car, and asked him what he wanted for his dinner. I told him about my day and he asked me several things that I heard fine.

Life is just great!

I do have communication break downs from time to time - but now I know that itís occurred. The only difficulty I really have is when there is background noise.

Life is getting so much easier!

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269 days since switch on: I am able to identify voices 
Friday, April 7, 2006, 05:41 PM
Today I was able to identify the person by the sound of their voice when they were in a different room to me.

I notice when other peopleís mobiles are ringing.

I can hear the raindrops hitting the window (they are kinda loud)

I am able to follow what two people are saying in a meeting.

I know when the phone is ringing

I can answer my partnerís question if he is in another room.

I also noticed that I am not finding it easy to lip-read in a noisy place and I need to be able to hear the speech to understand it. (This can be a problem in restaurants etc where I would usually just lip-read no problem)

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252 days since switch on: I answered my first random call!!! 
Tuesday, March 21, 2006, 05:35 PM
I answered the phone when it was ringing and spoke to a stranger who wanted to know if we had received the borough news letter. I was able to answer her questions by breaking down the sentence she asked.

I head she was from the council Ė but not what she wanted so I said youíre from the council and you want to know if we have received what?

The newsletter! Oh yeah we have received itÖ Ok thank you bye!

My very first random call!

I am trying to get the nerve to use the phone at work but so far I have not been brave enough!

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It has been a while since I have updated this blog so many things to do so many things to hear! 
Friday, March 10, 2006, 05:32 PM
Today I woke up, did my hair and put my CI on, got dressed and had breakfast. Did a final check in the mirror before leaving and found a pair of nail scissors stuck to my CI! It looked like a hair decoration!

I can now using the land line phone as normal although I still do not have the confidence to call anyone other than my partner, brother, and best friend.

Today I was given a new mobile Motorola V3 which sounds clearer than the land line.

I used it while I was at work to call a friend (who I have never spoken to on the phone to before) and arrange to drop round her house for a coffee. I called her to get directions and I got lost, so I called her again and got more directions and found the place much quicker than if I had waited for her to text me. It was wonderful!

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190 days post switch on 
Tuesday, December 20, 2005, 04:35 PM
I spent quite a bit of time speaking to my partnerís parents who are in Australia Ė at the moment I am finding it difficult to identify who the voice is on the end of the phone. I donít always take my turn when speaking so I interrupt by mistake and miss what people are saying! I am now calling my brother on a regular basis.

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Three month Review 
Tuesday, September 27, 2005, 04:04 PM
Three month review

Left implanted side (decibels) 40, 35, 30, 30, 45
Left implanted ear (hertz) 125, 250, 500, 750, 1500

On the AB Word Test (single words) for phonemes this was 52% and words was 33%

On the BKB Sentences test (with no background noise) this was 82%

On the BKB sentence test (with background noise)this was 49%

On the CUNY Sentence (lip-reading and listening)I got 100%

Pre implant test on the 25.05.05 results

On the AB words test I got 0%

On the BKB Sentences test (with no background noise) I got 9%
On the BKB Sentence test (with background noise) I got 0%

On the CUNY Sentence (lip-reading and listening) on my right side I got 87% and on my left side I got 78% and with both hearingaids in I got 100%

Pre implant my pure tone audio-gram was

Right ear (decibels) 65, 85, 100, 105, 129, 115, 120
Right ear (hertz) 125, 250, 250, 750, 1000, 2000, 3000

Left ear (decibels) 70, 65, 95, 120, 120, 115, 120
Left ear (hertz) 125, 125, 250, 750, 1000, 2000, 3000,

I am improving!!!

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79 days post switch on 
Tuesday, September 20, 2005, 04:34 PM
Yesterday I called t-mobile and my car insurance company and changed my direct debit to come out of a new bank account with no problems.

I told them I was deaf and used a hearing aid and would tell them to repeat if I needed to - I just needed them to speak clearly.

I asked them to repeat once or twice but found it fairly easy to do!

I am totally thrilled!

I now call my partner who works away during the week most nights for a natter and my brother and best friend once a week.

next on my list is my partner's family who are in Australia so it will be nice to have a natter with them.

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71 days post switch on 
Monday, September 12, 2005, 04:33 PM
I am due to have my 3rd month map on the 27th Sep which I am looking forward too. It does not seem possible that it has been three months since my switch on Ė and my life has changed more than I ever dreamed was possible. Today I noticed that the birds sounded more like bird cheeps. Ever so often I get a sound which I cant always identify but my brain eventually works it out. I can hear my phone beep when I get a text message if everything else is very quite.

I have noticed a massive change since the first month it was turned on. When I first listened to my oh talk to me on the phone we had to use msn messenger as a back up for when I did not get a word he was saying.

These days I do not have to use msn messenger for back up any more and can generally work it out after a second time of it being said (altho its not often that he has to repeat)

I had a telephone call to my brother the other day and to my best friend and I was so shocked by how well I was able to hear them.

I still find it a bit of a struggle hearing someone on a mobile but if they are on a landline it sounds quite clear.

One thing we have noticed is my hearing is not consistent. Sometimes I hear very well and sometimes I donít! Sometimes it sounds louder than other times (even though the settings are the same)

Some times I get a lot of feedback or very loud whooshing sounds when I turn it on and it takes a few minutes to settle down - other times I can put it on and it sounds great.

I have noticed I hear much much better with a hearing aid on my other side. Which makes me think that two would be far better than one. (we plan to contact our health insurance about this soon)

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48 days post switch on 
Thursday, August 18, 2005, 04:31 PM
Still hearing new things, work has been a breeze since the ci. I can hear people say "want a coffee" "do you take milk or sugar" when they are in the kitchen *grin*

I got into one house and a child on the stairs shouted "I know who you are" the other shouted who are you and the third shouted "hi ya my name is Liam and thatís my sister" and I heard them all!

I am more confident now, I ask lots of questions and hear most of the answers or get them to say it again knowing that I will probably get it all.

No pain or discomfort from the magnet or scar. Sometimes have a quick burst of what sounds like tinnitus when I turn it on or off. It goes away pretty quick and I have been told this might be the hearing nerve misfiring and not tinnitus after all.

I wonder how I got by at work now I have the CI, I can hear people when they speak to me these days and I know when I am being spoken to.

While in France I knew " heard " people saying hello. I understood when a French person was speaking, and could understand them very well when they spoke in English (normally I would lip-read it and the accent would throw me)

People are more chatty than I realised. Every body says hello!

I could hear when the sea came in and out, and I could hear the pebbles bouncing out the water.

The plane was far to loud for me tho I had to turn it off. Although I did hear the check in guy and understand what he was saying which was cool.

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