RE I started a new job 
Tuesday, March 13, 2007, 04:32 PM
I started a new job on Monday, my new office has a large number of people in it. So many names to remember! :uh:

One of the things I noticed was the very newish posh looking internet phones they have. I decided that I should at least test one out before asking if my own (beloved) BT land line phone could be plugged in somewhere.

I went down to the reception to explain what I was doing and that I needed to test it out. So when they got an odd call it would be me! :lol:

Lucky that I did warn them as they would have thought they had a dirty heavy breather down the line :eek: as for the first few min's of the call I was pushing the volume as I could not hear a thing. Then I head a faint worried "hello?" The phone was very cool as I can get it to go a lot louder than I need to.

Must remember to turn this down eventually though when I leave the position or it will burst someone's ear drum! :ooer:

The only draw back is I canít hear myself very well. With the BT phone I can hear both. With this phone I can hear the speaker very well indeed.

I have been making calls all day. The only thing I have found is that I lack confidence to know if I have heard correctly ie names and addresses. As I do not have a log in code for the computer yet I have to check the post code etc on the map for most part I get it correct or close to correct - :clap:

So itís worth persevering with as it will mean I can answer any phone in the office which is a rare luxury in deed :cool:

Although I am hearing very well I still like to be able to see everyone who is talking. So in a large group if a person is standing between two other people blocking my view I do not hear as well. (this normally tends to happen when I am not actually part of the conversation but I have heard something that has triggered my interest and made me look up and attempt to join in - this is not something that ever used to happen so as a consequence I would be quite isolated or behind slightly on current topics or office news) My new team are very deaf aware as I have observed them gradually moving themselves in to a position so that they are no longer blocking my view and I can see everyone, without being asked or making it a big issue. It is a big issue for me as they are so discreet about it that I always make sure I give them my biggest and best smile of :thanx:

I have already been asked to join the night out with the team and I have only been here two days! I think I am going to like it hereÖÖ

I have also noticed the different way people pronounce things and I am starting to ask if the way I say things are wrong or if its just a dialect thing ie

status = "stayus" or "stat us"

is one that I am hearing a lot on TV right now.

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re private health insurance 
Monday, March 12, 2007, 04:50 PM
I have collected my letter from my gp and just need to send it off to my private health insurance wish me lots of :luck: as I think I am going to need it.

Plan B is that we have friends who play the lottery - they have promised me that if they win big time they will pay for my second implant :ooh: awwww

Plan C is that I start playing the lottery myself! :lol:

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RE Rice Crispies 
Friday, March 9, 2007, 02:04 AM
Today I asked my partner if rice crispies really made a sound like the advert claimed. He nodded and held the spoon full of crispies up to my ear

I heard :eek: pop crackle and snap :clap:

How cool is that!

My other half continues to fluffle and fart to his heart content, so even if I dont smell it :eek: I do hear it... very clearly there is even such a thing as a *whisper* wet sounding fart... ewwwwwwwwww :ooer:

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RE Hi ya Dawn 
Tuesday, March 6, 2007, 04:26 PM
Hi ya Dawn

I decided to post this in a new entry as you asked so many questions :eek::lol::ahh:

1) The type of phone I use

I use the BT Converse for all my landline calls as its hearing aid friendly and has a volume thingy. I have two, one which I leave at work.

Some people find that they dont have any problems - but I find most other phones give me nasty feedback and I can hardly make out the sounds of the person speaking.

2) The difficulties with Typetalk
I used to get that problem with people saying that they were too busy. If it was work related I would say ok before you hang up I would like to remind you of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and not taking my call is discrimination so can I have your full name, the name of your manager/ supervisor and their number please as I would like to make a complaint.

For some strange reason they always made time to take my calls from then on. The ones that made me cross was the ones that hung up on me before I could reply. I always made sure I got a name so I could call them back to give them my rant....

Even worst were the ones who would say oh I will transfer you to our disability team and I would say NOOOOOOOooo itís YOU I need to talk too!! Grrr!

I have not used typetalk since the implant has been switched on. My mobile which was typetalk compat died and T-mobile had stopped doing it. I would have to buy a new mobile with Vodaphone and the nokia is just to expensive (they only last me three years max)

3) not posting on the blog much

Sorry for not posting enough for you! I only post when I have something implant related to say and sometimes there is not a lot to say!!

4) Rechargeable batteries

I have been told I can buy these if I want to use them - but the NHS are not supplying them just yet. (jeeze)

I have a feeling that if the maps are like mine (ie take a lot of power) rechargeable batteries might not be the best thing as I change my batteries every other day.

But it still would be better than carrying dead batteries around with me. I am scared that one day I will drop one or something and a small child will eat it :eek: So I like to only throw mine away at home. My local hospital have a strange policy where they like the hearing aid batteries back but donít care about the implant batteries. So I throw mine in our bin. I donít think I am meant to tho....

5)Second implant

I have not met anyone who has had a second implant. I have heard of a number of people who have had a second implant and recommend it. They were the lucky bug*ers who were invited to take part in a pilot study to see the effect of a second implant.

I have tried to encourage the Manchester programme to do this pilot study again but they have flatly refused to do so - which I think is plain selfish!

The research states that a second implant will not be as effective as the first one - well durh.

I mean a consultant does not say to a person who needs laser treatment on their eyes - "Right research has shown us that the second eye is not as effective as the first so we now only do one."

I mean can you imagine people accepting that and saying "oh yes I can see your point totally" DOH! No one is going to agree to only have one eye done - "itís bloody cost cutting con they would scream!"

Research will say what the NHS wants people to believe when money comes into play.

I believe that while it may be true that people who have one implant at the time done - may find the first one enabled them to hear much better in terms of what they could hear with hearinga aids. The quality of the sounds they hear with a second one would be able to provide, should not be ignored.

I believe that if people are implanted with two at the same time - which some countries do. Then this research is shot to bits.

I strongly believe that I am at a disadvantage only having one implant.

Oh gosh that reminds me I went to the GP last week and forgot to go back and collect my letter to give the private health care place!:eek:

Must do that tomorrow!!! :thanx: for reminding me :cheers:

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RE Improvements 
Sunday, March 4, 2007, 04:50 PM
My sweetie is working away at the moment :waah: itís kinda boring without him here. It's also kinda spooky. Now I can hear things quite well if an unexpected sound occurs it makes me jump :uh: Sometimes I can't figure out where it is... Sometimes itís outside ie arguments or kids throwing things and fighting! :uh: I've taken to leaving the light on in the hall when I feel scared :ooer: coz it makes me feel better :uh: when I am off to sleep :zzz: Hopefully potential burglars will think oh she is still up I wont break in....

I have noticed these days when I am shopping - sometimes I can really hear the music and almost get the lyrics. I canít quite make out what is being said but it's so close.... I am starting to think that eventually I will be able to make it out. I really should step up a bit and start turning on the radio for further practice as it really does make a difference.

I have watched a few documentaries on the TV that have not been subtitled and found that I am not doing to badly. I have also noticed that when something is really poorly subtitled I tend to notice as I am hearing what is said - and its nothing like the subtitles!


I am starting to hear the land line much better than the mobile now - I am not sure why this is - and can't decide if I need my maps relooked at.....

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RE Referal 
Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 04:33 AM
I have been to the GP today to request a private health care referral for consideration to be made for a second cochlear implant. The GP was very nice and has arranged for me to have a copy of the letter to give my insurance within the next two days.:yay:

Just have to see what happens from there....:wiggle:

I requested information about the new mini processor and was told in very blunt terms if you want the mini you can buy it yourself.

I donít really understand this attitude as surely it would be better for the NHS if I only used two batteries in said of three?

How would I get repairs/ insurance/ updated maps on a private processor Ė the NHS would refuse to touch it. They already refuse to touch hearing aids provided by other NHS Trusts Ė so I dread to think of the problems that I just know would occur.

But there you have it - it looks as though the mini is not going to be available on the NHS.:waah:

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RE Ear Mould 
Sunday, February 25, 2007, 05:21 AM
Ok, it does not fit well! :uh::sad: it squeeks a lot and worst it hurts! :sad: So I am back with my old ear mould and off to the hospital to get it redone. *sigh*

On a more postive note depending on your point of view!:

I can answer my partner's belly grumbling :eek:

I can (ew) now hear him actually make a nasty fart

I used to stand outside the door and talk to my partner when he was in the loo (coz he always rushes in there when I have something I just HAVE to know!) Not any more

I can hear people taking a tinkle if I stand to close to the door! :eek:


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RE Aid assessment 
Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 05:08 PM
I went to collect my mould today and to my surprise it fitted well :eek: although it feels a bit odd/ different and stuck out quite a bit. I just have to wait now to see if I am allergic to it! :boom:

I asked about how long it would take before the assessment for a new aid

ONE YEAR! :Noooooooo:

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RE I am so Lucky 
Tuesday, February 20, 2007, 04:41 AM
I was watching TV about the world (possibly only) conjoined twins who share a body - two heads, two arms, one body, two legs. They walked, ran, swam, road a bike and later passed their test and drove a car. It was amazing to observe them as they were two people, but they somehow know what the other one needed - one twin could reach over and scratch and itch of the other twin even though she could not feel the itch.

I think what astonished me most was just how important it is to bring children up with no limits, no bounds, with expectations that they will live life to the full and reach their potential and this is so important because unless children are treated as individuals with unknown potential they will never achieve what is possible for them.

The reason the girls amazed me was because they achieved more than anyone would/ could or wanted to believe possible - but their parents always had faith that they could.

I think my disability by these standards is pretty mild - but when I was growing up I clearly remember being asked by the head of the education department if I thought my mother was "pushy" and if it worried me that she expected me to go to collage/ university/ get a job.

A lot of people have said to me "you really impress me, you work full time, you donít let being deaf hold you back. Not like some people I know who claim benefits."

They honestly donít realise what parents are up against because the central government and the local government create dependency by having low expectations and putting their oppressing views on children before they have a chance to see how great they can be.

Unless you have strong parents who have the confidence to say "your wrong" and bring their children up with the idea they can try their hand at anything it might not work but how will you know unless you try? Then children are never going to be able to reach for the stars.

I guess I am so lucky - coz I got to reach for the stars....:kiss:

I was speaking to a friend about implants over the weekend she is someone who found me via the blog. she reminded me of so many things that I had forgotten about being deaf and how sometimes we are not alone in our experiences as we think we are.

I have a draw full of old aids that I have been given over the years, but I had forgotten I also have a draw full of old ear moulds too. There is no logical reason for keeping them as they no longer fit and have discoloured and cracked. BUT what if :eek: I need them one day! It would be like throwing away a pair of trusted glasses or denatures that had served you for so long! So you chuck em in the draw and get on with life.

Some of them are still brand new in the packet; I even have one set with tiny butterflies set in the mould. Wonder how much I would get for them on eBay? :lol: They are no good to me as they donít fit - but on eBay who knows?

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RE had an excellent chat with my mate Deb 
Monday, February 19, 2007, 11:13 AM
I had a excellent chat with my mate Deb for hours and hours! (it must have been a while as my ear was burning from where I press it so tight in order to be able to hear her voice as loud as possible.

I dont think I actually need it pressed against my ear - it probably would be better pressed up against the processor - but this is tricky as if I move the phone I hear wind sounds.

It seems to work better if I hold the phone as still as possible. As I have never had to use the phone before it takes some getting use to. I occassionly get cramp in my arm, sometimes in my foot or leg from where I keep so still while talking for so long! :lol:

I seem to hear my mate Deb much better and easier than I do my partner and this may be something to do with the fact that she uses a landline and my partner is on the mobile.

Mobile to mobile is not as clear as
Mobile to landline
Landline to mobile is not as clear as the above
landline to landline is fine unless there is a lot of background sound then I am stuffed.

Still, it is getting easier and easier. I had quite a complicated call the other day and I feel that I got most of it. Occassionly I will ask them to email me a summary of what was discussed so I can go back over it and confirm I have heard it all correctly - which seems to work well.

I am also answering the phone when it rings now and have spoken to random people about various things which normally would get left for my partner to do. So I am gaining in independance.

I know it sounds odd but I never had the confidence to drive far from home, I always called myself slightly car phobic. Now I no longer belive that. I think it was down to the fact that I was really really scared :eek:of what would happen if:-

I broke down on the motorway (I could not use a phone then and I would not be able to hear the SOS phone on the side of the motor way)
If I got lost (cant call for directions)
If I could not find my way back (above applies)
If I got stopped by the police (I would not be able to call a friend to say help!)
If I got attacked by someone with road rage
If someone creepy came over because I was broken down (what the hell would I be able to do!)

The whole idea of driving to far from home (say 60 miles) really scared me. Well I drove 600 miles last weekend, I had my STAT nav, my mobile and I knew I would be ok regardless as if I did break down I could call the RAC and if someone creepy came over and would not go away I could call the police. If I got lost stat nav would show me a new way and the trip went fine.

See, hearing gives you a peace of mind! Who would of thought!



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