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      • RE Back to normal
        :uh:I got the map changed back to the orginal on Thursday and it has made a difference even though apprarently the change was so tiny. It just seemed to affect me in a big way and sounded really odd and unclear. Like being underwater or listening to a different langugage.

        I went to cour

      • RE its horrible
        I have actually begged the center to let me come in asap (tomarrow) to get the settings changed back to how it was. They are going to leave the whisper setting as it is as that does work.

        I was watching TV today and I did not hear a single word. Normally I can pick out the words from t

      • RE Implant to quite
        I was still having trouble with things being to quite. I found soft spoken people very difficult to hear.

        I went back to the clinic to see if I could get it turned up. Also now I am using the phone quite a lot, well every day in fact for work. It would be easier if it was on setting two

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