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      • RE A seminar
        I went to a seminar yesterday, I had to listen very hard in order to be able to hear the speakers (there were four) some where easier then others.

        It made me realise that I would not be able to give this degree of listening if I was back at Uni and I would still need a note taker as I s

      • RE food
        I can't remember if I mentioned this before but if I did'nt then I should have.

        After the operation my tongue was numb on the left side (same side as the implant) and food tasted odd. Then it was very sour and later on (a few weeks) it was bitter. Months after (approx 12-14) t

      • RE I have been busy!
        I have been so busy at the moment that I have not had a spare moment to stop and think about what I have been hearing! :yuk:

        I think for the last month itís pretty much been a case of things settling down and I have not had any new sounds. I thought ah there you go, my honey moon is ove

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