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      • Re life is so easy now

        Today I went to work and later on I had to go out and walked all the way down to the car only to find my manager had blocked me in (we are allocated two car spaces for the 6 of us) Normally I would off had to walk ALL the way back up the stairs, across the two halls, through the dinning room,

      • Re I am going to do a few courses
        I am currently looking for a dress making course and a maths course.

        Once I have got these out of the way I am thinking about doing a French basic language course the following year and possibly a French GCSE.

        I feel that if I give myself a year of listening and using the p

      • RE I am getting a MP3 player
        I have joined the gym - but its so loud in there I cant hear the TV or the music. The gym is cool though as they put the subtitles on.

        I have been meaning to get a radio for background sound for ages which is on my wish list at the moment not sure what type though something for my craft

      • RE Using Stat Nav Tom Tom is now easy
        My poor little car died last week, :sad::eek: I think the trips to Wirral was just to much and it gave up the ghost and died. The head gasket blew and was going to cost 600 pounds but the car only cost me 300! So we decided to buy me a better car. I now have a Fiat Punto which is a Aqua colour with

      • RE I have gained a cockney accent!
        Its true :eek: I finally have a cockney accent :eek: When I was just a hearing aid user no one could ever identify where my accent was from not even people who lived in the same area as me :uh:

        I have had lots of chats to various people about it and more recently my partner. We both agr

      • RE hearing and identifying where a Police Car is coming from
        :wiggle:Today I was driving to work and I head a police car, normally my heart would fill with dread as I tend to see it when its behind me (normally with a rather cross policeman glearing at me :eek:)

        Today though, I turned my head right, then left, this told me it was not behind me. S

      • Using the phone and another first
        Using the phone for work is hard work. The computers are old so I have to sit quite a way from it so I do not get the feedback. Other people chatting on their phones means I have to listen harder.

        Otherwise its a blessing to be able to use the phone, its quicker and easier than typetalk

      • The crowds roared
        Coming home from plymouth today we stopped in ASDA which is next to the football arena. James wound the window down and said listen can you hear that? It was not until I actually strained my ears to listen for a sound that I head the crowd cheer as their team scored. I have never heard this sound be

      • Today my brother passed in with the Navy
        It was a proud day for us as my brother has passed in with the Navy.

        Apart from the fact we sat on the wrong side of the display we did get some very good photos of Rob marching.

        There were several speeches and prayers for the brave lads and lasses. Overal I would say I got

      • RE Sea Gauls
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