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      • re dog panting sounds
        Today I went out with friends of mine, one of which brought her dog with her. I could hear him panting because he was so hot.

        When he decided to lay in a rather muddy puddle and become and chocolate dog we took him to the lake to wash off. I could hear him coughing and snorting as he sw

      • RE New Sounds
        Just when I though there could not possibly be any more new sounds :eek: I have since been proved wrong.

        The sound of a child's buggy on cobble stones sounds rather odd!

        I can now identify the sound of a running tap with ease.

        emergency services sound as t

      • Re How being hearing in one ear is changing who I am
        I never gave it much thought before because I just accepted that I could not change the way I was.

        In order to keep up with what was going on in the world I would read and read and read. Any newspaper I could get my hands on I read. Not being able to hear the radio or watch things that

      • Re I never knew people were so friendly
        :kiss: I never knew people were so friendly. I never realised how isolating being deaf made me.

        I have this terrible habit of reading a paper while sitting in cafes and normally when I look up my food is there as if by magic before me, and nobody else around.

        Now, I dont al

      • RE Music
        Just latley I have noticed that I am starting to pick up music quite well. Normally relaxing stuff such as piano has been very nice to hear while reading the paper and having a coffee.

        Sometimes it has been so nice to hear, it has brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat! I have

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