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      • Re My best mates birthday party

        It was a real test today as it was my best mates birthday. There must have been over 25-30 people and I only knew six of them! Normally I would stick to the people I knew like glue and hardly say a thing to any one new because its to hard and I tend to hog one person as its e

      • Re Today I had to go to court
        Well today I had to go to court. :eek:

        In the past went I have gone to court I have not been able to follow what is going on. More recently before I had the implant I could not even hear the Judge :sad: It was pointless for me and I really needed a note taker which is expensive and tim

      • RE Phone at work
        I made quite a few calls today and its so much easier!!! I think it must have been a faulty processor as now things sound really sharp. clear and as they should.

        when using the phone I have told some people that I am hard of hearing and they have been very good with repeating things for

      • RE Friday Map check
        I took my bt converse 325 phone into work today and tried it out. Although it did work, it was a lot better but I was getting a really loud buzzing and I thought it must be the line. However when I put the phone down I realised I could still hear the buzzing :eek:

        I turned it on to sett

      • Re Phone calls at work
        Well I tried the phone at work and it was not a sucess!

        The voice on the other end was tiny and I struggled to hear it!

        BUT It sounded just like a voice but far far away. The words that were said I heard them as whole words. Not like it used to be at all, where each word wo

        Apparently 75,900 people now have implants today thanks to cochlear!

        I have just found out via Ivan's blog that Cochlear intend to bring out a mini processor in June or late summer.

        This is so exciting as a smaller processor with a longer lasting battery would be so co

      • RE I feel odd speaking down the phone to someone for the first time when they are not aware I am deaf/ implanted
        I feel really odd speaking on the phone with someone for the first time who does not know I am deaf.

        If I say I just need you to be aware that I am deaf - wont they wonder how can she be, we are speaking on the phone? :eek:

        If I say I just need you to be aware I have a coch

      • My Implant sounds quite
        I started a new job today and I noticed that my processor sounded really quite compared to my hearing aid. The speech sounds were much quieter than the traffic outside. :eek:I tried the beam but it did not help. I have checked the volume and the sensitivity and they are correct.:sad:


      • RE why do the hearing people make it so hard?
        I called the GP surgery today as James needed to have his dressing checked again.

        The lady told me I needed to call the reception on the otherside as she could not put me through. When she gave me the number she said double 8 etc.

        So I explained that I was deaf and I just w

      • RE I went to sleep with my implant on
        James is so sore he is unable to get himself in and out of bed right now. Knowing him as well as I do - he would rather lay there in pain than wake me up and ask me to help him! :eek::sad::kiss:

        So I decided to leave my implant on - sure enough at about 1 am he was making I am in pain s

      • RE I got stuck to the sofa
        I was laying on our sofa watching a movie called Dick and Jane (quite funny) and all of the sudden my implant got sucked up and attached it's self to the sofa :eek:

        If I lay in a certain part of the sofa the magent is so strong it can actually pull the processor of my head and ont

      • Re all ends well
        :kiss:James :kiss: is fine

        I told the rather angry nurse that I had rung the bell outside of visiting hours because I was unable to use the phone as I was deaf. She went and found out the info I needed and came back and told me he was fine. She said it in a slow drawn out voice as if I

      • RE To scared to use the phone
        I thought it would be much easier now I can use the phone to call the hospital where my partner is having an operation.

        But I am to scared to call :eek: I am scared it will be bad news and then the stress of it will prevent me from hearing what they have to say. I have thought about cal

      • RE Calling Australia

        I spoke to James mum today who lives in Austrlia. It was much better and much clearer than it had been in the past. I do still find that if she says a long sentence then I do not get all of it. So it can be quite hard going if I am not sure what the topic is we are talking about.

      • Re Using the phone
        Today I called a friend and normally I get her confused with her daughter as they sound so alike. Today I knew it was her daughter because her voice is slightly higher than her mum - although they both sound the same.

        It is getting much easier to identify people on the phone these days.

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