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      • 28 days post switch on
        Amy decided not to change anything on my map today as it has been so good.

        Today I had a phone call role play session with my therapist which went like this:

        ring ring

        Me: Hello?
        Karen: Hi Zoe can you hear me
        Me: hold on you sound very faint

      • 24 days post switch on
        I had my new map on Thursday and she said I was a classic text book case (makes a change from being told "thatís odd, I have never seen that happen before and I have worked in this field for 20 years!)

        It actually got turned down coz I could hear quite sounds very well (they were s

      • 19 days post switch on
        I tried the beam setting when I was in the back seat of my managerís car. I could hear her speaking to another colleague and I could also hear when she put the indicators on.

        I got the odd word of what they were talking about and knew they were talking about my managerís new car and how

      • 18 days post switch on
        I am still getting used to the sounds which all sound incredibly loud.

        I can hear everyone speaking and some of them I can hear their accent.

        I tried setting four on T when speaking to James Ė the problem is I can really hear my own breathing when its on this setting and e

      • 17 days post switch on
      • 14 days post switch on
        Today I went to have the processor programmed again (new maps)

        When she turned it on I started to cry coz I heard her so clearly (before I could hear her but it sounded like she was whispering and now I could hear the "s" and "Sh" much clearer than any other sound)

      • Day 12
        Today I went to work and found that everyone seemed a lot clearer....

        There was a lot to catch up on and I quickly became very tired so I am going to do half days this week.

        When I got home my partner James told me to call him and we nattered for 28 minutes! First it did

      • Day 11
        I went to see my consultant today. Normally I would never hear anyone call my name. Today there was no problem what so ever. They have a strange system where they move you from room to room till you end up sitting outside the consultantís door. The second nurse called me and I heard her fine too. Sh

      • Day 10
        Today I heard birds (quite loud aint they!) and we opened the champagne :clap: I was not sure if I would really hear it coz I have never heard it before.... sounded like a gun going off :o I nearly jumped out of my skin!! *giggles* bit drunk now tho :D
        I can hear music a little better on

      • Day 9
        While I was in the back garden I heard the lawn mower in the front.

        I heard Yvonne's coke as she opened the can and I had a good listen to her ice cubs which she very kindly shock for me (quite a few times)

        Lovely! I am very happy *sigh*

        I also went to

      • Day 8
        Cutting paper with a guillotine is a lovely sound!

        Other suggestions to listen out for have been:

        1) a sneeze

        I canít wait for James to sneeze (usually he does this quite often but his being quite today maybe I should use my feathers )

        2) Ri

      • Day 7
      • Day 6
        I am hearing so many sounds now that itís hard to remember and record them all. Most of the sounds I have never heard before and are totally new to me. When I got up I heard the shower gashing and the sound that the pump makes. I ran the bath and listened to the water filling up and splashed about

      • Day 5
        My tongue seems to be back to normal. On Tuesday I noticed that it still felt odd in the centre and things still taste bitter/ sour.

        Creamy things do not taste as creamy as they normally are. At least it feels more normal now! The scar looks so neat and you can hardly see it.
      • Day 4
        I went into town today and for the driving I wore both my processor and my hearing aid.

        I turned it off when I hit the shops. When I ordered lunch I turned it back on again and forgot to turn it of. After I went to a big shopping mall and noticed I was hearing really well.

      • Day 3
        Today I was sitting in the computer room (very noisy apparently) and we had the air conditioning on in the next room (really noisy - although I cant hear it if I am not in the room)

        James was in the loft doing men's things *grin* and he called me and I heard my name sound like &qu

      • Day 2
        Last night James and I played a lot of his music (anything with bass was ruled out) things without bass I had to listen really hard but I could make out a beat or feel of the music and mimic it back to James what it sounded like to me. We were surprised to find I was actually verbalising the words n

      • One day after switch on
        Some one from the CI Forum on Yahoo

        said the three Pís of having a CI are:-

        1 Patience
        2 Practice
        3 Perseverance

        Today I was feeling sorry for myself coz of the racket that I was getting

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