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      • One Year Since Switch On!
        This is a summary of my year with the cochlear implant from the moment it was switched on. I have tried to only record sounds that are new to me, or sounds that have improved over time. :clap:

        30th June 2005 - Switch on day

        Within a few minutes of switch on:
        Ping Ping

      • RE The Film called The Piano always made me cry

        When it first came out I really enjoyed the film called The piano where Scottish Widow Ada mute from shock of the death of her husband marries again in an arranged marriage to a guy in New Zealand who did not seem very happy about it. So he refuses to bring her piano up from the beach to thei

      • Re Today was a good day
        I had an interview today and decided to get the train as I knew it would reduce the stress. At the last stop I heard the speaker tell me what stop it was very clearly. It was interesting to hear this as I was not paying much attention. When I did pay attention I could not work out what it was saying

      • RE Listening to the Radio in the Car
        We went for a drive today as I thought we were just going somewhere quick but it turned out James had other plans and he decided to go to two supermarkets on the way too.

        I was not dress to go out as I was wearing trackie pants which are covered in grout as I am in the middle of doing t

      • Re I am much more socialble these days
        We went to visit friends of ours today to show them our holiday photos. Its the forth set of friends that I have visited this week and there is still one more to go!

        I am much more confident in making friends these days because they are not as hard work as they used to be. Even if I mis

      • Re A Lovely Day today
        Today I went to see the Editor of ReSound, Norah and her Husband Dave. They made lunch for me, and we had a lovely chat about our experiences pre and post cochlear. Some were the same and some were so different. We also got lots of ideas for the next newsletter and I managed to convince them to try

      • RE sounds sounds sounds and more sounds!
        The private health care has said I need to get a referral before they can consider the cost of a second implant. So today I rang the doctors to make an appointment so that I can ask for a new referral to the Manchester implant programme.

        Initially I did not catch the first thing the re

      • RE To much time on my hands
        Itís easy to see when I am between jobs as the blog entries get longer and longer as I have to much time on my hands!

        I was doing some research today because I might be working with adults with disabilities. I came across a website for Barking and Dagenham who were very proud to promote

      • Re I am rather worried about a friend of mine
        A friend who is waiting for his implant operation has asked if he should take a CD with Cavatina on it when he go for the switch on because he would like to try out some music while his there.

        I cannot think of a worst thing to do. If he is really lucky, he may hear his wife's voic

      • RE Breakfast
        Ok I donít know if itís because I have spent so much time on my blog and reading up various things about hearing and CI's BUT - Making breakfast today I realised I could hear it as I buttered my toast a lovely crunch scrape sound. I HEARD the water as I poured it into my coffee cup.

      • RE Made another phone call today
        My email about my split coil has not been answered, as I do not have another email to try. I thought I would give the implant centre a ring.

        I found out that Deborah is on holiday - the nice admin lady said she would send me a spare. I asked if I should send it back the broken one and s

      • Re Waiting for the postman
        I had to get up today to wait for the postman. He is bringing a large parcel that requires me to answer the door. Now back in the day, I would have sat in the front room and from time to time looked out the window - anxious that I had missed him.

        These days I can be anywhere in the hous

      • RE Things
        Today as I was leaving the house I set the house alarm. I noticed at this point that the beeps which I have been able to hear for some time now sound much more crisp and sharp. They are very easy to hear these days.

        I remember the days when I used to turn the house alarm on or off and a

      • RE The Rebuilt Webpage by Michael Chorost
        A friend gave me the link to Michael Chorost Web Page

        I was moved to tears (seems to happen to me a lot these days I must be getting soft in my old age) by the quote:

        My misfortune is doubly painful to me because I am bound to be misund

      • RE Rebuilt By Michael Chorost
        I have found a book called Rebuilt by Michael Chorost who wrote a scientific memoir of going deaf and getting his hearing back with a cochlear implant which he calls a computer embedded in his skull.

        He goes on to say that Science fiction writers and filmmakers have speculated about cy

      • Re Beeping in the kitchen
        Today while I was cooking I heard very clearly some beeps in the kitching but it stopped before I could figure out what it was.

        My partner came in and I said did you hear that? Nope...

        I had a little think about it and walked toward the grill and noticed that it was flashin

      • Re it sounds odd but
        I know it sounds odd, but I am sure I can hear better with the un-implanted side now!

        Itís almost as if the implant as switched something on in my brain and made it realise "hey there is sound coming through here look!" "what does it say?" "OOh can we work it o

        Happy Birthday to you!
        Happy Birthday to you!
        Happy Birthday Dear Cochlear,
        Happy Birthday to you!

        Thank You Cochlear, and the Manchester implant centre for everything

      • RE A Visit to the Pet shop
        Today I went into town and I heard the church bells ringing. As I have never heard them before I did not know how to count the rings. Does ding dong count as one ring or two!?! Still that a side they sounded lovely, and I can certainly understand the appeal for church weddings if there are bells rin

      • Other things I have now realised
        While my friend was here I noticed that her voice changes when she is having a small seizure. Her voice gets very soft and sometimes goes very quite.

        Now and again it looks like she has lost her trail of thought - but she still continues to finish what she is saying but it sounds very

      • Oh the worry!
        My brother rang me today as he was very low because he had failed drill which meant that they have put back the date of his passing out by two weeks.

        I could hear the disappointment in his voice he sounded so fed up and depressed! It was horrible - I canít empathise enough towards peop

      • I can listen to my friends while cooking!
        Normally when I am cooking it is almost impossible to chat too, but now it is easy to do and I really enjoy it.

        I was able to prepare a meal and chat away and catch up making the most of the time we had together without worrying that I was going to have to spend 60 mins doing the meal

      • RE The way I communicate and other changes I have noticed
        I have noticed that I still dominate the conversation and I am not very good at taking my turn or allowing others a chance to speak.

        I think this stems from when I had hardly any hearing, it was much easier to talk that to listen. It was also easier to listen if I was fully in control o

      • RE Recognising Tone
        Today I spent my time with two friends who have a wonderful sense of humour.

        I was really surprise by the fact that the tone of someone's voice can play such a vital role. It was great to be able to hear the tone of someone making a joke, or mimicking someone else. Or being over th

      • Telephone, telephone how I love to use the telephone
        Today I answered the phone and it was a friend of mine. I was shocked how much I could hear in his voice that I never noticed when I talk to him face to face.

        I could hear that it was a male voice, his accent, the way he pronounced words. Its strange how much you miss when lipreading so

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