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      • Swtich on day!!

        We went to Manchester Cochlear Implant Centre at Manchester University today to have my implant switched on. I met Amy Donaldson who is the audio tech and Martin who is the head of the CI project for freedom processor in the area (I think). I have been told that I am the second person to have

      • 13 days since the operation

        You can still see some light bruising around the scar and back of my ear but the bottom of the scar seems to have disappeared into the creases that were always there. It feels a lot better without all the swelling.

        It's looking better every day. The swelling o

      • Today I had the stitches out
        The stitches came out a week after the operation, it did not hurt to much. Everything is healing quite well . The scar looks much better now and less swollen.

        James came up with the idea to do a webpage to show the progress of my ci. I watched him write the webpage for it

      • First Photo one day after the operation
      • My operation date - here at last!
        I was amazed that I finally got here. The shower mind you was not very clean and I asked the cleaner twice if he could clean it. I came out of the shower the first night covered in hair that was not mine *urgh*

        I have had so many operations that I am used to it now - so I always

      • My new operation date is the 13th June 2005
        Apparently there has been a cancellation and my new date is on the 13th June (gulp hope thatís not bad luck?) its no longer with Prof Ramsden and its now with Mr Saeed (I am told he is very fast in surgery, not sure if thatís a good thing tho!) I donít know how to feel about it all really. I am to w

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