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      • RE Telephone calls and a One Year Map
        Although itís not officially a year because my operation was cancelled till the 13st July - never the less they wanted to do the one year map.

        I do not have any tinnitus while I wear the implant these days and nor do I have it in the other ear
        Which is a bit odd as I used to hav

      • RE ASDA Trip and a new sound!
      • RE I heard the door bell and the post!
        I got up early today as I was waiting for the courier who was bringing my holiday photos.

        Normally I would be limited to the front room where I can hear the door bell/ post.

        Today I sat upstairs and played around with my webpage and I heard a soft plop!


      • Re 316 days since switch on - birds don't half natter
        In the morning I went into town and I had a question for shop owner, she must have been having a bad day because she got quite narky with me. It was not until I walked out of the shop that I realised that I was able to hear the tone ie bored, narky, sarcastic, cross etc which is a real bonus.
      • RE I am able to identify the sound of rain!
      • Grand Canyon
        We have booked a helicopter ride with the Papillion which apparently is a name for a well known butterfly for the area.

        It was amazing to see the Grand Canyon by air - itís much bigger than I thought it would be and very beautiful.

        The bugs are huge out here and very scary!

      • Re Last Day In Las Vegas
        It is our last day in Las Vegas so we had to cram in as much as we could and even so we did not get to see all the hotels that we wanted to. So thatís settled it. We HAVE TO go back now.

        We went to a hotel called the Venetian

        They had opera singers in

      • Gosh that music is loud
        We went to the Mirage today and saw tigers and dolphins which was very good. The only thing I did notice was that the music was so loud. I could hear the beat, the bass and some of the different instruments, I was aware that someone was singing but gosh it was so loud. I had a headache by the end of

      • RE OOohhhh I have died and gone to Heaven
        We went to watch the fountains at the Belliagio Hotel. I was so overcome that I could not stop the tears from falling.

        The water was in time to the music which was opera and I could hear all the different instruments and the music would fly up every time it hit a loud or high note.
      • Life is so wonderful
        Life is so wonderful - each and every day amazes me.

        Things happen that I never dream would be possible and it is so great to be apart of the world again.

        We went to see the Luxor Hotel which is an amazing sight.

        The Luxor Hotel

        We decided that we

      • My Processor has died
        It finally gave up the ghost and I could not get it to turn on so I got out all my spare parts and much to my relief it was not a corrupted map and now works fine - phew.

        We drove to Las Vegas today and on the way stopped into a Sizzlers. That place is amazing! It is built for your eve

      • USA Holiday - Bridal Veil Fall
        Today we got up bright and early. I had no trouble ordering my breakfast and said yes to coffee and juice. (i used to normally I say yes to anything in hope I will get a coffee and sometimes it brings up very surprising results!)

        We went to Bridal Veil Falls which looks just like a brid

      • USA Holiday - Off to Yosemite
        We drove to Yosemite and went across the Golden Gate Bridge - it was pretty amazing to see.

        The motorways all seem to be four lanes and massive in either direction.

        I went to the ST Michaels craft and hobby shop and brought loads of goodies!

        Then our Tom Tom na

      • USA Holiday - Our trip to Alcatraz
        We got a ferry to Alcatraz today and it was amazing to walk around. They gave you the audio tapes which I took for the very first time.

        I was really surprised that I could hear the main speaker quite well and got lots of information about the history. Which normally I would rely on Jame

      • My Processor has gone wonky
        I noticed it on the plane and at first I thought my ears were popping but when I turned of my hearing aid I realised that my implanted side was also popping!

        When we got to the hotel I noticed that the screen was not showing the full programme normally it said 1 but I could only see ha

      • We are going on a summer holiday! USA First Stop San Francisco
        I have been so excited - we booked this holiday 6 months ago. I had no problem checking in at the airport. I showed them my pacemaker card and cochlear card and went straight through via the wheelchair access so that I did not have to go through the magnet field.

        Everyone treated me wi

      • San Francisco is truly a wonderful place
        Everyone is so friendly here and when youíre sat on the trams they will say hello, good morning and ask where you are from.

        I saw a quote:

        Heaven is nice, but it is not San Francisco

        And how true that is. Itís so bright and clean and beautiful love it

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