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      • RE I started a new job
        I started a new job on Monday, my new office has a large number of people in it. So many names to remember! :uh:

        One of the things I noticed was the very newish posh looking internet phones they have. I decided that I should at least test one out before asking if my own (beloved) BT lan

      • re private health insurance
        I have collected my letter from my gp and just need to send it off to my private health insurance wish me lots of :luck: as I think I am going to need it.

        Plan B is that we have friends who play the lottery - they have promised me that if they win big time they will pay for my second im

      • RE Rice Crispies
        Today I asked my partner if rice crispies really made a sound like the advert claimed. He nodded and held the spoon full of crispies up to my ear

        I heard :eek: pop crackle and snap :clap:

        How cool is that!

        My other half continues to fluffle and fart to his he

      • RE Hi ya Dawn
        Hi ya Dawn

        I decided to post this in a new entry as you asked so many questions :eek::lol::ahh:

        1) The type of phone I use

        I use the BT Converse for all my landline calls as its hearing aid friendly and has a volume thingy. I have two, one which I leave at work

      • RE Improvements
        My sweetie is working away at the moment :waah: itís kinda boring without him here. It's also kinda spooky. Now I can hear things quite well if an unexpected sound occurs it makes me jump :uh: Sometimes I can't figure out where it is... Sometimes itís outside ie arguments or kids throwing

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