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      • RE Referal
        I have been to the GP today to request a private health care referral for consideration to be made for a second cochlear implant. The GP was very nice and has arranged for me to have a copy of the letter to give my insurance within the next two days.:yay:

        Just have to see what happens f

      • RE Ear Mould
        Ok, it does not fit well! :uh::sad: it squeeks a lot and worst it hurts! :sad: So I am back with my old ear mould and off to the hospital to get it redone. *sigh*

        On a more postive note depending on your point of view!:

        I can answer my partner's belly grumbling

      • RE Aid assessment
        I went to collect my mould today and to my surprise it fitted well :eek: although it feels a bit odd/ different and stuck out quite a bit. I just have to wait now to see if I am allergic to it! :boom:

        I asked about how long it would take before the assessment for a new aid

      • RE I am so Lucky
        I was watching TV about the world (possibly only) conjoined twins who share a body - two heads, two arms, one body, two legs. They walked, ran, swam, road a bike and later passed their test and drove a car. It was amazing to observe them as they were two people, but they somehow know what the other

      • RE had an excellent chat with my mate Deb
        I had a excellent chat with my mate Deb for hours and hours! (it must have been a while as my ear was burning from where I press it so tight in order to be able to hear her voice as loud as possible.

        I dont think I actually need it pressed against my ear - it probably would be better p

      • RE nearly a second implant birthday!
        It is hard to believe that its two more months and then my implant will have its second birthday! Time fly’s so fast!

        I noticed our clock sounded different last night normally it sounds like a tic tic tic. But now it sounds like a tic tock which I think is pretty impressive!

      • RE OH POO!
        :grrh: I managed to lose a some of my blog after our server crashed and died and we were unable to save it *sob* It should have been backed up but the posts from over Christmas and new year seemed to vanish into cyber space never to be seen again. *sigh*

        Still could have been a lot wors

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