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Sunday, 14 October, 2007, 10:06 PM - Assessment
The first implant was done in the UK on 13.06.2005 it was switched on 01.07.2005 you can get more information about it here

and I have kept a blog about it here

I had previously started looking at the options for a second implant and then we decided to Australia around August 2008.

Since it was Australia that the first implant was born I decided that it would be a good oppertunity to explore what my options for a second implant was now I am living here.

First thing first was a visit to the GP to register and ask for a referal to the Ear and Eye Hospital just to get my records there for maps and bits n bobs.

To my amaze it took less than three weeks to get an appointment to see the implant clinic.

While there I asked if I could be refered for a second implant. There were a few hiccups with this. I am on a spouse visa - that means that it will be reviewed in 12 months. I have a interim medicare card which will be renewed pending on the decision of the immigration office in October 2008. There was some confusion between the hospital and the medicare office to if I could get access to all services or only emgerency services. I was told I could get access to all services and the hospital was told only basic services ie maps, repairs and parts. I chased this up with Medicare and eventually after several emails the hospital was assured that I could get access to the full service under my card! *phew*

One big difference between the UK NHS and Australia Medicare is that Medicare does not pay for batteries *eek* they are $55 dollars for 10 packs which last between four and five weeks. They do not provide any hearing aid service for people over 18 and under 65. So as far as hearing aids, moulds, and support with this - I am on my own and the only service is private - and expensive I am sure.

So rather than spend heaps and heaps on hearing aid service which will be very little use to me in the short term I decided to start the assessment for a second processor now.

The quickest way to get a second processor is to have private health insurance. There is an oppertunity for a implant on medicare - but the waiting list is very long. Everyone is encouraged to have private health insurance - its not as expensive as the UK and everyone has access to it no matter what their health is - unlike the UK where I could not get private insurance for love or money due to my heart condition.

The only hitch is I have to wait for my private insurance to mature (12 months)

Maybe its because I already have one implant, or maybe its because Australia have one of the best medical services I have ever experienced but all up its taken less than seven months to get this far. It took almost a year to get from the assessment to the operation in the UK if you do not count the fact that the first referal got lost in the system!

Strange huh?!

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