RE Happy New Year! 
Friday, 1 January, 2010, 05:48 AM - Rambling things
We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve as we flew business class from Sydney to Melbourne and had lunch in the first class lounge. New Year day was a bit odd as things did not go totally to plan… Hopefully that is not a sign of things to come.

I did not have too much to drink, honest, but as I am typing this I have a headache. I have suddenly realised how much I do actually hear. Things actually sound too loud.

My head is pounding; as I rub the skin on my arms I can hear the rasping sounds under my hand. When I set down my coffee cup it clanks against the surface.

I can hear my hair whispering as I tuck it under my ear. I go to the sink and pour a glass of water, I can hear the rush of the water out the tap, then the drip as I turn it off and finally the glugging sound as it goes down the drain. Who would have thought a simple thing like turning on a tap could make so many different sounds!

As I type this I hear the keyboard clicking. I can hear the TV perfectly well in the next room. I can also hear my family from time to time commenting about the program.

It is raining outside; I can hear the rain hitting the sun roof. Outside Cicada’s are buzzing like mini chainsaws! Such a funny, amazing sound for such a small creature to make.

Soon the pain relief will kick in, but until then I won’t be turning off the processors. The sounds are too wonderful.

Happy New Year everyone!


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RE Ups and Downs 
Wednesday, 27 February, 2008, 11:16 PM - Rambling things
There is something I just do not understand with implants. The ups and downs of good and poor hearing. Its a machine so it should be consistant right? Wrong!

So why is this....

Could it be my brain is tired?

Some times even the sounds, well sound different.

Before I had the implant my ears never popped. These days only the hearing aid side pops - which is odd. I had to ask James how does one unpop their ears? As I have never done it before.

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